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Best hosting Web for WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop and Moodle.

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The advanced servers more with LiteSpeed, cPanel and CloudLinux.

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What products of lodging Web we offer to you?

PrackHost (Granada, 2003), is a pioneering company in Spain in offering hosting oriented to CMS (managers of contents).
From 2006 we exclusively dedicated to the lodging Web specialized of the most used.

Hosting NVMe

CMS Hosting

We presented hosting faster of Spain of 2019!

Hosting shared and packages of lodging on NVMe discs, Control Panel cPanel and LiteSpeed Servers for the CMS:

Hosting WordPressHosting Joomla | Hosting Prestashop

Elastic Cloud Hosting

Elastic Hosting

Hosting to the Letter. It lodges any manager of contents in the cloud choosing your own resources: CPU, Ram memory, Space Web, accounts of E-mail, Data bases MySQL, Access FTP, monthly Traffic, etc.

VPS Cloud

VPS Cloud

Web servers in the cloud with VMware or OpenStack. Until 240Gb of RAM available. Spanish discs SSD and IP. Limitless bandwidth. For your more demanding websites. Without needing technical knowledge.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servant

Alternative to cloud server with dedicated hardware of high performance. Your own resources exclusively. Power without limits totally administered. Limitless data transfer. Several Datacenters.

You want to prove our Web free hosting?

  • We talk back your present Web in our servers so that you compare the speed of load.
  • If still you have left months of contract in your present supplier we gave them to you.
  • If you decide to lodge your project with us we migrated your webpages to you, free.

Once you try to us, you will want to remain!

Advantages of our Hosting

We showed some to you of the advantages that have our products of lodging Web.
We would like that you were member of our dear group of clients. To what delays to come? 😉

Fanatical Technical support

The support is evaluated by the clients: 85% of his tickets or chats is answered by our technicians before 15 minutes. 

Adapted products

A solution adapted to your project and your clients. Ample product fan of first quality. Control Panel cPanel.

Optimization Limit

We are some authentic fans of the optimization end of the servers to improve the speed of your webpage.


We have 15 years of experience lodging the managers of used contents more: WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop and Moodle.

Hosting in the Cloud

In addition to traditional Web hosting, we offer products of cloud hosting with 99.99% of availability.


You imagine to be 2 days old of backups of your Web? Then you free have them including in any plan of lodging Web.

Gratuitous groups

In hostings shared we included groups free so that the development of your Web is easier.

Autoinstalables applications

It installs more than 400 scripts and cms in a single click and updates them easily. Including WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Moodle, etc.

Extreme security

The security, another one of our priorities: we include solutions so that your Web is not hackeada. Gratuitous certificates SSL.

Domain Free

In all our plans of annual lodging Web we included a .com domain free, .net, .org, .es, or .eu

Superfluous DNS

Nameservers superfluous so that the connection from any point of the planet is optimized. AntiDDoS protection.

Guarantee of Return

We offer 30 days of guarantee in our service of hosting. If you are not satisfied, we give back your money to you.

Nick Loggie

The quality of its service is excellent and has been improving during the years. It is a very professional but simultaneously near company. Other companies will offer lower prices but the experience only makes to you clear who is trustworthy and PrackHost really offers the endorsement of professionals.

Nick Loggie

Director, Group Adlibweb SL
Luciano Pérez

Its service is excellent and the answer first of all type of situations is immediate, warm and effective. We have had the opportunity to move our portfolio to other suppliers but the enormous satisfaction with its services has not made us nor raise the change to us.

Luciano Pérez

Director, Network Phone Communications, S.A.U.
Jesús Zamit

Most important for me it is his professionalism and cordiality, educated and efficient, counts on excellent knowledge and rapidity in their answers of support, kindness in the same and does not give a closed ticket by until it is not solved.

Jesús Zamit

Director, Joomlawebs

They trust Us

For 15 years, they trust us of thousand clients worldwide.

Some of our outstanding clients are:

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