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How CloudFlare increases the speed and security of your site

CloudFlare causes that any site can be so fast and safe as the giants of Internet.

CloudFlare, a dedicated company to improve the yield and the security of the Web, it is pleased in announcing our association with PrackHost! If you had not heard speak before of CloudFlare, our proposal of S-value simple: we are going to make any twice faster website and to protect it of an ample range of threats of Internet.

Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of websites that go from individual blogs to sites of electronic commerce, from websites of the 500 main world-wide companies to national governments use CloudFlare to make their faster and safe sites. We count with more than 65 billion monthly seen pages, more than Amazon, Wikipedia, Twitter, Zynga, AOL, Apple, Bing, eBay, together Paypal and Instagram and more of 25% of the traffic of Internet happens regularly through our network.

Yield of your faster Web

CloudFlare is designed as a great platform of lodging as PrackHost and it is associated with this one so that it is still better.

We count strategically anywhere in the world on 23 located Datacenters. When you register in CloudFlare, we began directing your traffic to the nearer datacenter.

Datacenters CloudFlare

As the traffic happens through the datacenters, intelligently we determined what parts of your website are static and as dynamic. The static parts keep in our servers during a short period of time, generally less than 2 hours before checking to see again if they have been updated. When moving automatically the static parts of your site more near your visitors, the general performance of your site improves significantly.

The system of storage of intelligent cache of CloudFlare also saves bandwidth, which means money saving, and reduces the load in the servers, which means that the application Web will be executed faster and more efficiently than ever. Of average, the CloudFlare clients see a diminution of 60% of the use of 65% and bandwidth, of the total of requests to their servers. The overall effect is that CloudFlare normally reduces the time of load of the pages of your site in a 50%, which means a greater commitment and happier visitors.

Wide saving of Banda CloudFlare

Ample Security Web

In the course of 2011, CloudFlare identified an increase of 700% in the number of denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) that take place in Internet (it see the following graph). As the attacks as these increase, CloudFlare is intensifying its work to protect the sites.

Attacks DDoS CloudFlare

Protections of security

CloudFlare offers an ample range of protections against the DDoS attacks, as well as the hackeos or the Spam focused to a blog and its commentaries. What is truly powerful from our point of view is the maturity of the system, more and more sites and more sites comprise of the CloudFlare community. The patrons of traffic of hundreds of million visitors in real time analyze themselves and the security systems adapt to guarantee a good traffic and the problematic traffic pauses.

Unite to you

Any website can use CloudFlare, independent of the platform or manager of contents that uses. When associating to us closely with PrackHost, we cause that the process of creation of CloudFlare takes control €œof 1 easy click€ through your present Control Panel (Cpanel). You only must look for the icon of CloudFlare, to select the domain that you wish to activate and to click in the cloud orange. That is everything!


We free of charge offer our advantages for all the plans of hosting offered by PrackHost. On the other hand, never we acquired by the storage and bandwidth.

For the proprietors of sites that wish the supplies outposts of CloudFlare, also we offer a package €˜Pro€™ by 20 dollars to the month. Nivel'Pro' supply includes all the supplies of €œgratuitous€, as well as characteristic additional as SSL (sites that has security certificates), firewall of applications Web and faster analyses.

We are proud of which every day they are united to the CloudFlare community more than thousand new sites, among them some of greatest of Internet. If you are looking for a faster website, more surely, you have begun well lodging your Web in PrackHost and using CloudFlare.

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