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To park a Domain in cPanel

How you can park a domain in your hosting cPanel?

The parked domains, allow to add names of extra domain in your account of main lodging.

This allows the users to arrive at your main website when introducing in its navigators the new parked domain. In this tutorial we showed to you how to park a domain in cPanel.

1. To park a Domain

We are going to suppose that your main domain is

That we arrange in addition to another call with which we wished to see the same webpage of our main domain.

First that we must do it is to assure us that the DNS of already indicate ours hosting. Otherwise, cPanel will give a message us of error similar to €œWas a problem creating the Pointed domain. To show to Details€, that is to say the domain that we are going to park must have the same dns that the main domain (either the same nameservers or an entrance A).

Supposing that dns aims well towards our servant and we have waited for the necessary hours so that they have propagated (normally 24 hours), we will already be able to park a domain in cPanel.

We will accede to cPanel > Domains > Alias > €œTo create a new alias€ and will so introduce the name of our second domain, that is to say, but what, without the www in front of the name neither either the €œHTTP€ or €œhttps€.

Finally, we will verify that when keying in navigator our Web of visualizes. This same operation can be repeated so many times as it is necessary.

NOTE: More domains can be added, since in PrackHost there is no limit to park a domain. We can point the domains that we want towards our main domain.


NOTE: This technique is necessary to use it with well-taken care of since Google can penalize to us by duplicated content: it will have more of a domain than it will show the same contents. Another form to do it, without we are penalized, although cannot be called properly to park a domain, is to make a redirection from a domain to another one, by means of .htaccess. In this case, we will by hand create htaccess with a redirection 301 of a domain towards another one, so that if a visitor visits ours dominio1 will be redirigido directly towards ours dominio2, avoiding the possible duplicated contents penalized by Google.

To park a Domain in cPanel

2. To administer Redireccionamiento

Once the domain car park is created in cPanel, we can manage the redireccionamiento so that it points towards a folder or a file of ours hosting, we will puncture in the option €œTo administer redireccionamiento€, in the following screen we will introduce the URL and we will keep the changes.

To administer redireccionamiento of a domain parked in cPanel

3. To eliminate Alias

In order to eliminate our parked domain, we will puncture in the option €œTo eliminate€ and later to keep. Of this form, deshabilitaremos also the possible redirection that we had created the previous step.

To eliminate alias of redirection in a parked domain

4. Accounts of Mail in Parked Domain

An advantage to park a domain in cPanel is that we can add additional accounts of e-mail. These accounts of mail can be used as if outside the primary domain.

In order to add these accounts we will have to visit the section of E-mail > Cuentas and they will be added as if we added the normal accounts of e-mail.

You can see this detailed step in our tutorial €œCreate Cuenta de Correo€ that also he is available in our Center of Help.

5. Certificates SSL

Once your domains are parked, you can also make use of Let's Encrypt to create a certificate of security for each domain Web that you have added.

In PrackHost you can easily park a domain in cPanel and of limitless form following this tutorial.

It remembers that the domain must have the same DNS of your hosting to be able to point it!

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