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Important new features related to the configuration of our shared servers

We want to inform to you into some changes that we have carried out in the last weeks, in relation to hosting shared. Throughout the summer, we have come realising tests to improve the service of lodging Web that we offer to our clients. These tests have been very satisfactory and we have ended up applying them in our servers in production, changing our Web servers by LiteSpeed.

From today, all our servers present the following new features:



LiteSpeed servers

The Web server that now serves all the pages as our clients is LiteSpeed. This servant, supposes a substantial improvement in the time of load of the pages, arriving to reach speeds of vertigo in the sites that well are developed (optimized images, compressed Javascript and css, etc). Some pages of clients load now from Spain in less than 0.5 seconds. He is the best Web server of the market, very over Apache and Nginx. It is therefore a step forward in the quality that we offer in ours hostings. since very few suppliers in the world offer it. Possibly due to the high price of its licenses. We, in addition to offering it without increase of cost in all the plans of hosting shared, have become Partner de Litespeed reason why we also offer them to our clients of Dedicated VPS and.

If you find that your Web loads slow, you can follow some recommendations to improve that speed as which Google Pagespeed advises.

Also you can send a support ticket to us to help you to optimize your Web, we will be enchanted to help you to that your Web flies.


Version PHP 7

Possibility of using several versions of php, including new version PHP 7.

If you have a WordPress 4,4 or superior or a 3,5 Joomla or superior, we recommended to you to use version PHP 7 in your Web. Change it now and you will see the speed improvement!
These versions support version 7 of php, but some plugins or components no. If you have these versions of WordPress or Joomla and when changing to PHP7 you perhaps see some error in your Web, you will have to lower to version 5.6 (inherit).  You will see it in the selection of PHP versions and look for updates for those plugins or components that fail to you.

How I can change to the version of php in my hosting? Very easy, you only must enter your Control Panel cPanel. To select to the option €œMultiPHP Administrator€ and to choose the domain or subdomains. To select of drop-down the version that you want to activate and to give the button to apply, like thus:


Activation of PHP7

How to activate php7 in cPanel


The versions of php that can be selected now are the following:


Version PHP 5.3

€“ 5.3. This version no longer receives support nor updates of security on the part of the PHP equipment. Although we will maintain it active until April of 2017 since many clients have old pages that do not work with another version.

It is very important that you update of version your Web if is developed with Joomla.  From the 1 of October of 2017 it will not work in our servers. The versions of Joomla 1.0.x, Joomla 1.5.x and Joomla 1,7 will stop working.

There are clients who have webpages with versions of Joomla which they have more than 10 years.  EYE! We will not give to support nor maintenance to these pages as of April of 2017. We advised to you that you verify of the version of your Web stops before that date to have updated it. To maintain these pages supposes a risk of security for all the servant and therefore for the other clients. In addition that they prevent to develop improvements us in our servers.

If you have a Web with these versions you will have to activate version 5.3 in your hosting. To some clients already we have activated it when verifying that they did not work in our tests.

How I can activate version 5.3 in my hosting?

In order to activate version 5.3 in your hosting you must select to the option €œinherit€ in the option €œMultiPHP Administrator€. To activate version 5.3 in special option €œPHP Selector€, activating and before keeping the modules with the option €œto use predetermined €œ.

EYE: If your Web works or right now you do not have to select this version 5.3, it only is for old Webs that right now they do not load or or they give errors.


Other versions of PHP

€“ 5.4
€“ 5.5
€“ 5,6 (the version qualified by defect for all the servant)
€“ 7.0
€“ 7.1


From the 1 of October of 2017, the version of php 5,3 will not be available in our servers.


Customized values PHP

Possibility of creating php.ini customized to change to parameters php by defect.

Sometimes, by needs of some plugin, we needed that some parameters of php are increased to make it work correctly. Before we used the option to create €œ.user.ini€ in the root of hosting to activate them. NOW THIS HAS CHANGED. In order to discharge from the hospital changes in php of customized form, we must create them in a called file €œphp.ini€ that we will locate in the folder €œhome€ of ours hosting (not within public_html as before). The clients whom they had already formed €œ.user.ini€ customized for the needs of his hosting now have it in php.ini that we have created with the same previous parameters.

Another option is to modify the values of php.ini or of creating it from the option that now exists in cPanel for it. We will do it from €œPublishing INI of MultiPHP €œ. So that they work our changes we will have simpre to select in drop-down the option of €œHome Directory€.

We do not want to make very long east email with many technical details so in next days we will raise a more detailed manual with captures of how to do it or we will send you an informative email. Any doubt, as always, in Support we will take care of to you.



This yes that is an superadvance for all our clients. New protocol HTTP/2 is supported in our servers of LiteSpeed. You must register a certificate SSL of which we offer gratuitous so that your Web activates it. In this case, any version of php will support it, is indifferent the PHP version that we use so all our clients can enjoy the speed of HTTP/2.

What is the HTTP/2? It is the greater advance in protocol HTTP for 15 years. You can see in connection of Wikipedia that explains it in detail.

If your Web is updated and you can qualify active PHP7 simply and the HTTP/2 creating a certificate SSL free that we offer, we assured to you that the speed will be at least of 3x more. Prove it and you tell us.
If you do not have activated certificate SSL in your Web, you can easily do following it our tutorial of Let's Encrypt.


LiteSpeed Cache

Use of a new Cache dedicated for WordPress.

Another extra added to our lodgings. Now we will be able to use in our servers the best cache than it exists in all the performance tests. But to this we will dedicate a separate chapter to him not to bore more in this post 😉 to you

P.D. Hemos also changed of supplier of Rules of Modsecurity. If notes that your IP is baneada in the servant when doing any operation in your Web, remove to a ticket from support so that deshabilitemos that rule and not you banee more.

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