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Partner de Litespeed in Spain

PrackHost is LiteSpeed Partner

From today the possibility is available in our Web of contracting licenses of Litespeed Webserver in our site. Thanks to the fact that PrackHost now is to partner of Litespeed.

We are the only Partner de LiteSpeed in Spain. This fabulous product multiplies the yield of your servant without needing increasing hardware. We detailed some to you of its advantages.



What is Litespeed?

LiteSpeed is synonymous of yield, security and stability, one of the Web servers with greater yield for PHP. So it is the yield of this commercial Web server that surpasses to servers of as much prestige at level speed as Nginx and by all means to already consecrated Apache (the one that at the moment you have installed in your servidor/VPS).

When having Litespeed installed in your servant or your VPS, you will secure the following advantages:

Advantages with respect to Apache

  • Than 6 times more faster than Apache when serving small static archives
  • 3 times faster than Apache in SSL
  • Operation of archives .htaccess, without having the slowness of Apache due to the level of the hierarchy of directories
  • LSAPI (lsphp) Greater yield php than fastcgi or php-fpm
  • PHP suEXEC with better yield than mod_php
  • Compatible rules modsecurity
  • Protection DDoS attacks
  • Different versions from php
  • Compatible with cPanel and Cloudlinux
  • Smaller use of RAM and CPU. Saving in hardware costs

Exceptional yield

Here you can see some benchmarks sailing by the menu of the left (LSWS is the commercial version of Litespeed that we offer):


PrackHost is Partner de LiteSpeed. We showed a comparative one to you of yield against Apache and Nginx


Competitive prices

If you are interested in contracting a license for your VPS or Are dedicated, you can contract it from today in the zone of clients, My products, selecting your servant and choosing the option of Accessories.
Several types of licenses of Litespeed exist that vary of price according to hardware where they are going away to install. Thus, the license of a VPS of 2Gb will be economic than the one of a server with 8Gb.

Also, they are possible to be contracted with a special module of separate cache so that the pages of WordPress or Joomla for example improve the speed of load remarkably.

For example, a 1CPU license can be installed in a servant with 16CPUS. Everything will depend on whatever cpu's we will assign to the Web server leaving other works (mail, mysql, etc) for the other cpus.

If you have doubts in the prices of the licenses and on the matter want more advising of this new product that today we offer to you, you can send a support ticket to us and we will advise to you what agrees to you more in case you are interested in improving the yield of your servant.

All our shared servers count already on these advantages and deserves much the pain. We want to make them tensile to all our Dedicated clients with VPS or Servers.

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Who we are?

PrackHost is specialized in Premium Web for the managers of used contents more. Some of our characteristics:

  • NVMe discs 6 times faster than discs SSD.
  • Servers with LiteSpeed Web server.
  • Gratuitous groups.
  • Control Panel cPanel.
  • Backups of 2 months.
  • Professional support.