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Filters antiSpam in cPanel to reject mail nonwished

Use of Filters to fight against the Spam

The activation of filters antiSpam in cPanel needs a previous exposition with the purpose of not to commit errors that could affect to legitimate incoming post office that would finish eliminated directly as Spam.

SpamAssassin apache

cPanel counts on powerful intelligent filters antiSpam of e-mail that use a diverse range of tests to identify the not asked for massive e-mail.

It is the call SpamAssassin Apache. In order to be able to use this utility, it is necessary to assure to us that it is qualified in our Control Panel.

For it, we visited the block of €œMail€ and punctured in the option SpamAssassin Apache.

Activation of SpamAssasin Apache

1. To activate and to deactivate SpamAssassin Apache

In order to activate SpamAssassin Apache, the button €œInable beats SpamAssassin Apache €œ. In order to deactivate it Disable beats SpamAssassin Apache.

With this last action the Spam messages can enter mass in our mailbox. He is totally recommendable to always have qualified this utility that our panel offers us.

As a rule, your account must already have qualified in AntiSpam by defect without you must activate it for the first time.

2. Automatic elimination of Spam

If we qualified this other option, messages of Spam that arrives at our mailboxes and exceeds the value determined as insurance (score limit which we defined), automatically will be eliminated.

We recommend to use a score of 5 to receive legitimate messages and to leak wished us that they have or they exceed that value.

This elimination not yet considers the filters antiSpam that we will see next, with that we can sharpen the discarding of emails still more trash.

Automatic elimination of Spam

To create filters antiSpam

We are going to begin with the creation of filters antiSpam so we must accede to cPanel > Mail > Filters of e-mail.

Once inside, all the accounts of mail will be listed available. We select the appropriate account and we punctured in €œAdministering filters €œ. Next we will make click in the button €œCreate a new filter €œ.

In the following screen first that we must do it is to give a name to the filter that we are going to create in the field €œName of Filtro: €.


Next and in €œRules €œ, it is where in fact we will realise the filtrate of post office Spam. We see that the section of €œRules€ is made up of an area in which drop-down ones exist two and an empty field to be published by us.

The drop-down ones contain the filtrate rules that we can use. It will be sufficient to us with unfolding them and verifying that the options are understood by themselves.

We are going to suppose that we received a great amount of Spam from a called account of mail €œ[email protected] €œ. We will select of first drop-down the option €œOf€ and the second the option €œjust as€. In the empty field, right under the drop-down ones, we wrote €œ[email protected]€ (without the quotation marks).

We can use jokers to block all the email addresses of a domain to the complete one. Using the value *, for example, adds to the black list all the directions of €œ €œ. In addition, we consider that post office with publicity arrive to us from drugs and that also we wished to eliminate for being Spam. We discover that in all of them the phrase is mentioned €œcheap drugs€ in the body of the message.

In this case, we will add a new rule puncturing for it in the button that contains symbol €œ+€. This time we selected of drop-down the options €œBody€ and €œit contains€ and in the text field we will write €œcheap drugs€ (without the quotation marks).


The following step is to choose the €œActions€ that they are due to take with these post office once arrive at our account.

He is recommendable to select the option €œTo discard message€ that it does not mean another thing more than to erase the message directly and to prevent that arrives at our webmail or mail program of. In order to finalize and to keep our filters antiSpam, we make click in the button €œActivate€ that it will give back us to the screen of creation of filters for the account that we are trying.

We will see that in €œpresent Filters€ it is had including the filter just created and that in addition we will be able to publish/to eliminate according to our preferences.

We can repeat the previous process and add more filters antiSpam to improve still more and to sharpen better the filtrate of messages nonwished.

To create filters antiSpam

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