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Webmail mail

Webmail mail in cPanel: Horde, RoundCube and Squirrell

The Control Panel cPanel that we gave when contracting anyone of our plans of hosting, disponea of an application service online to manage your accounts of mail.

From any computer that is connected to Internet and through any navigator, the Webmail Mail.

One does not become necessary therefore, to use a program of e-mail for this task, since through an interface Hotmail type or Gmail, you can manage your mail.

Even an address book and calendar easily.

It has several advantages that agree to review: it does not require the installation of any program in our local computer. Therefore, we will be able to handle our post office from any connected computer to Internet.

This last option is very interesting if we are of trip, if we needed to make use of the computer some relative or friend by any reason, etc.

You will not either need to form the mail account as it is necessary to do it in any client of local mail.

1. Access to the Mail

In order to accede to the panel of mail in hosting we will write in a navigator the following direction: (replacing €œ€ by the correct one).

An emergent window will be opened that will request the user and password to us:

User: p.ej talks about the complete email address. €œ[email protected] €œ.
Password: it is the password that is of discharge when to create the mailbox of mail in cPanel.

Screen of Access to the Mail Webmail de Cpanel

2. Three different interfaces to choose

Three different graphical interfaces to be able to manage your emails and their contents exist:

  • Horde
  • RoundCube
  • Squirrell

The three allow you to easily manage electronic tuscorreos directly from your hosting.

We are going to analyze briefly in this tutorial the three applications of our servers being tried to explain the advantages of both so that you use the one that more you like.

Nevertheless, we advanced to you that we like much RoundCube by their the most complete Horde and ease of use for being.

When you enter for the first time the screen of the mail Web, cPanel will give the option you so that you choose some of the clients as predetermined.

As we want to see what we are the 3 interfaces likes more, he is better not to still select this option.

Kitchen mhelp in the icons of the logos to analyze with what are going you to have left definitively.

We are going to one by one see the three clients of Webmail to which we give support:

Interfaces of Webmail Mail

2,1 Horde

If we punctured in €œHorde €œ, the interface of Horde will appear in which we will find a left panel with access to the mail folders. Also a menu superior where the majority of the options is included.

A central panel where we will see ours emails, among others. In order to send an email we will make click in the connection €œWrite up€ upon the options of the left. A new window will be opened so that we key our email and the adressee.

During the edition, we will be able to verify our spelling in 18 languages or simply to keep the email as rough draft to send it later.

In order to receive post office we will make click in the button €œUpdate€. Our new inbox will be updated and will be emails that have arrived at our mailbox.

Horde has many options of configuration so that they adapt completely to your needs.

She is the most complete client of the three that we showed in this tutorial.

In order to change the options of the interface, to change languages, to manage our agenda, to create filters, etc you will have to puncture in the icon €œnut€ that there is to the right of the main menu.

Mail Webmail Horde

2,2 RoundCube

Another one of the clients, in this Roundcube case, has a distribution of options very similar to Horde.

In this case the writing of the messages takes place from the same window without having to use an additional window.

In the case of Roundcube, we will not count on an orthographic corrector as in Horde. Yes we will be able to manage our list of contacts easily.

She is perhaps the client of mail easier to use.

Mail Webmail Roundcube

2,3 Squirrell

He is of the three clients the one that worse graphical options it has, using flat text and little brightness of colors. But its operation is equal of effective that the other 2 clients who we have seen previously.

When one enters for the first time, it will request the personal data to us (name, signature, email of answer) to create a profile and that in future shipments we do not have to put them.

Mail Webmail Squirrellmail

3. How to change from a client to another one?

If you want to change from an interface to another one, simply we will choose its name in the drop-down one of the e-mail that above is us the right.

The change is instantaneous and we will enter the other client without having again loguearnos.

In the 3 clients of Mail available always we will see the same emails. The management of the mail account always is the same, the only thing that it changes is the vi to see the mail folders (entered, sent, wastebasket, etc.).

In this unstickable one we will see other options that we can find in cPanel. To change the password of the mailbox, to form mail clients, to form the agenda and the contacts, filters, reenviadores, car answering machines, etc.

In PrackHost we are expert in cPanel. If you need support or help to form the service of Webmail in your pages Webs, please it contacts with us.

To change of a client of webmail mail to another one in cPanel

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