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How to eliminate post office in cPanel

To massively eliminate mail from cPanel

Sometimes we will want to simply eliminate old post office because they occupy space and we did not need them, of an account determined, from a certain date in future or because we needed free space in ours hosting.

For it hosting cPanel anticipates a very useful option in the section of €œE-mail€ denominated €œEmail Disk Usage€ not to arrive at the space limit that we have in the hard disk.

Acceding to the option of cPanel €“ Email Disk Usage

We accede to the Control Panel cpanel and looked for the option:

Acceding to the option of cPanel - Email Disk Usage


Selection of mail accounts

When acceding we observed a drop-down €œAccount€ that it contains all the accounts of e-mail which we have created and from we will select account by account to eliminate emails which we wished to reject.


Selection of mail accounts


Menu of Action

Nothing else to select one of the accounts we will be with a screen similar to the following one:

Listing of Folders


Each folder, or the one of the INBOX (Inbox), TRASH (Papelera), SENT (Enviados) or DRAFTS (Rough drafts), etc. will have a connection €œManage€ in the column €œAction€ as long as there are post office in them.

Beam click in €œManage€ to make visible new drop-down from which select the wished action:

Menu of Action



Elimination of email messages

If we want to eliminate all the post office, simply we will use the option €œAll messages€ and will beat on the button €œDelete Permanently€ (To erase permanently).
On the contrary if we wished to use a concrete filter to eliminate post office we will select to the option €œCustom query€ (customized Consultation) and a new field will be opened to introduce the consultation as it is in the capture of down:


Elimination of email messages


In this connection all the variables or key words are related that can be used to create a correct consultation:

Most common and nevertheless useful they are enumerated next with a concrete example:


  • Flock all the e-mails received before the 12 of March of 2016.
    savedbefore 12-Sea-2016
  • Flock all the e-mails received from the 15 of November of 2016.
    savedsince 15-Nov-2016
  • Flock all the e-mails sent before the 12 of February of 2016.
    sendbefore 12-Feb-2016
  • Flock all the e-mails of the [email protected] account.
    from [email protected]


Accounts with our endorsement of security

We warmly recommend to exert due well-taken care of when eliminating the e-mails of your domain.

If accidentally you eliminate e-mails through the previous processes and need to recover them, in your hosting Web is possible to recover them through our application of cPanel JetBackup:


Accounts with our endorsement of security

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