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How to concern a data base in PhpMyadmin

To concern Base of data from phpMyAdmin

In many occasions it is essential to know how how to concern Data bases MySQL, or because we are migrating a Web between servers or because we have developed a Web in our local computer and want to raise it the servant.

Also in cases of data retrieval when recovering a backup copy of our Data base.



To export data base

You must export a data base first from your local servant. This step we already give it by fact we will not treat it here.

NOTE: This tutorial deals with how concerning the data base, not of how exporting a data base.


Basic creation of Data in cPanel

The first step obligatory to concern Base de Datos to phpMyAdmin, is it to have created in advance from our Control Panel of hosting, cPanel:

To accede to PhpMyAdmin

We enter phpMyadmin through cPanel according to is seen in the following screenshot:

Access to phpMyadmin from Cpanel


Immediately afterwards we click in the name of our Data base in phpMyAdmin. It will be indicated to us that there are no tables that to show since one is one of new creation.

Now we will puncture in the element of the main menu €œTo matter€ and the system will present the screen to us of options for the import of Base de Datos, as it is seen more down in the screenshot.
We only leave all the predetermined options as us phpMyAdmin presents it and must puncture in the button €œTo examine€ search the file in correct format SQL in the hard disk of our local computer.

You must consider the maximum size that it allows to your Web hosting. We recommended to you to compress the data base of your site in a file .zip if it exceeds the established limit of your servant.

Finally we will click in the button €œTo continue€ and the import will begin.

To concern data base from phpMyAdmin



Following the size of the file that we are raising, the import will take time more or less. He is advisable to patiently hope to that the import finalizes before closing the eyelash of our navigator.

Once it has concluded the process, phpMyAdmin will show a message similar to the following image:


Aim import data base


Errors phpMyAdmin

If the process failed by some circumstance, phpMyAdmin would show a message similar to the following one:


Error in phpMyAdmin

In this case we would have to review our file .sql. The errors in the Web server can happen by several reasons.

Each case of error is different and would be necessary search it in the errors of phpMyadmin.

The majority of the errors happens because you need to concern file SQL without additional sentences of creation of the data base. In order to avoid this and using a text editor it eliminates forward edge of your file SQL until it begins with the sentence of €œCreates Table to you €œ.

It also reviews the last lines so that inherited character encodings of export are not included.

If you have some problem mattering your data base in our servers we advised to you that you contact with us to be able to help you.

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