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Awstats statistics of cPanel

Our Control Panel (cPanel) Integra an advanced program to make a very complete pursuit of the visits to our Web. This program open source denominates Awstats and it accedes itself to him from the section of €œMetric€ once logueados in cPanel.

It is a software of type Web Statistics (statistical Web) who will show details to us of whom, from where, and how they visit our website.

If you want to improve or to complement these statistics, we recommended to you that you also activate in your Web Google Analytics.

1. To enter Awstats

When puncturing in the icon €œAwstats€ a new screen will be opened from which we must select the domain that we wished to visualize (if we have subdomains we have the possibility of seeing differentiated statistics).

Once within this section, Awstats will allow to see details us of the visits of our site throughout the last month.

It is not necessary to install Awstats nor any additional module since it comes by defect in all the versions from cPanel. These are all the statistics that show to us:

Entrance to Awstats from Cpanel

2. Details of the Statistics

Once selected the domain of our interest, one will open to an independent eyelash in our navigator with all the statistics and bar charts available, beginning by the possibility of selecting the period that we wished to see in €œshown Period: € (all the monthly statistics keep since it contracted his hosting with us).

Also, we observed the date and hour of the last update: this one takes place every 24 hours approximately.

To emphasize some of the possible statistics that to us Awstats offers, we will mention the €œHistorical Monthly one€, the €œDays of the month€ per week and/or hours, €œCountries€, €œDuration of the visits€, €œPage-URLs€ (visited pages), €œConnected to the site from€ (I connect from other Webs), etc.

Also we can see the statistics of Spanish, French, English, German, Italian and Dutch Awstats.

If the panel appears to us in Spanish we can change the language in the corresponding flag arrives the right.

We are sure that these statistics will be to you very useful since they are going to discover infinity to us of details that will serve to take us a complete control of our site, these are all that incorporate of summarized form:

  • They summarize a general look of our Awstats statistics as a monthly record (different Visitors, number of visits, pages, requests and traffic).
  • Historical Monthly historical the monthly one of all our visits in absolute numbers.
  • Days of the month Days of the month in course leaked according to the number of visits, pages, requests and traffic.
  • Days of the week shelled Days of the week according to the pages, requests and traffic.
  • Visits per Hours Detail of all the traffic that we have had divided in the 24 hours of the day.
  • Countries Listed of countries that visit our website, computer from largest to smallest and with the details as far as the number of visits.
  • Servers Detail of ips who visit our Web, seen pages and traffic.
  • Authenticated users Pages seen by users who are not anonymous and who have initiated session in the site identifying itself as user.
  • Visits of Robots/Spiders Requests realised by bots of the finders.
  • Duration of the visits Details of the time that remain the visitors in our Web (0s-30s, 30s-2mn, 2mn-5mn, 5mn-15mn, 15mn-30mn, 30mn-1h, 1h+)
  • Types of files Are the asked for files more divided by type and extension.
  • Downloads Number of times that unload the archives of our Web.
  • Page-URLs visited Direction indicator URL more. This indicates to us clearly what contents like more to our visitors and by whom we caught more traffic.
  • Operating systems the operating systems used by the visitors and the number and percentage of each of them (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)
  • Navigators the navigators Web who use our visitors (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge or IE, etc.)
  • Connected to the site from From where the visits come to us, if the visitor comes through an external liaison. This data that it facilitates to us
  • Awstats is very important to control our external links.
  • Searches by phrases nail Through what word or introduced key words in the finders we have received the visit.
  • Miscellaneous Other data of interest as the times that has added the page to favorites (data not very resisted), if the visitor has the language qualified Javascript or no, if she supports to adobe flash, etc.
  • Error codes HTTP Errors HTTP that show some pages of our site. We will be able to control possible errors 404 here that it generates our pages or the redirections 301 or 302 that have been executed.

Details of the Statistics

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