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Authentication of e-mail

Authentication of the e-mail with SPF and DKIM

When you send a mail to any adressee, the majority of the servers verifies the authenticity to make sure that really you are who send that email and have not been other people supplanting your identity.

With this utility of cPanel, you make sure that the adressee will receive the mail of your domain without problems since your account will have active the e-mail authentication.

Why to activate this option?

For some time the Mail of Gmail, Hotmail, YahooMail as well as the majority of mail servers, requires that emails who we send they leave authenticated from our servant of mail.

This will avoid that emails that is sent they finish in the tray of Spam or are even rejected and they do not arrive at its destiny.

So that the servers who receive ours emails see our post office as legitimate, we must use the mail authentication.


1. Activation of the e-mail authentication

The procedure to authenticate your shipments is very simple:

  • We accede to ours cPanel.
  • Mail€ of your Control Panel visits the section €œ.
  • Kitchen mhelp in the sub-section €œAuthentication€.
  • We will see the two options that we must activate puncturing in the corresponding button and which they are registries DNS €œDKIM€ and €œSPF€.

NOTE: By defect, in all our servers the mail authentication we have it qualified. If you find the Active Qualified option €œ(surpassed verification DNS)€ in green color, you do not have to do nothing, since it will be activated.


Entrance to the authentication of e-mail of cpanel


2. Verification which the mail leaves authenticated

Once activated, cPanel will show the following messages to us for each one of the two options:

1. For the €œDomainKeys€ (DKIM) it will show to us: State: Qualified and active (surpassed verification DNS

2. The same message will be for the €œSPF€ but in this case in addition it will indicate the registry to us that it has formed according to the IP which we have (the IP that sample will be varied here according to in the servant which we are lodged):


For example: Its registry SPF without processing present is:

v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4: 5.135.xx.xx ~all


From now on, these registries will go including in the head of ours emails for their correct verification, avoiding that are treated as Spam. The email authentication totally will be activated.


To qualify DKIM and SPF Cpanel

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