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Backup copies with R1Soft Backup

IMPORTANT: From June of 2017 we stopped using R1Soft as solution of backups for ours hostings. Now we used JetBackup by his simplicity of use and reliability, offering to all our clients of any product of hosting, 120 backup copies of all Webs.

R1Soft Backup (before Idera Server Backup) is a system of endorsement of integrated datas different from traditional backup copies that they offer other companies of hosting. The backup copy products increase traditional allow to them to do backup of the data concerning archives, whereas the system developed by R1Soft that we offer in PrackHost allows you to realise backup copies concerning block of the disc.

What has of bad in realising backup copies concerning file? First of all, the backup copies concerning file lie down to consume great amounts of resources of the system, being caused that the application interferes with in other processes critics of the servant. In addition to the yield problems, the traditional backup copies also have important limitations. For example, the power is very difficult to recover complete backup copies (beach-metal) of all the servant if this it has the empty disc. In ours hosting in the cloud (cloud hosting), we offer to all our clients backup gratuitous without limits of space in external servers for greater security.

What clients can benefit from the R1Soft Backup?

We offer backup gratuitous without limits of space. Absolutely all our clients count on this option in all our products as:

  • Elastic Cloud Hosting
  • Hosting Joomla
  • Hosting Worpress
  • Hosting Prestashop
  • Hosting Moodle
  • Hosting Reseller
  • VPS Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated servers

Each account of hosting lodged in anyone of our servers, counts on the advantage to have a restaurable backup copy by the own client without no intervention by our part.

All our clients will be able to recover from a file or folder to a data base, all their e-mail, only a mail or to recover all their account of lodging Web in a few clicks.

Logo r1soft

How many does backups keep?

In order to guarantee major security, we kept in a safe space and another Datacenter copies from the data from all our clients during the 2 last months. These copy servers, as well, count on discs in RAID 10 for more security and speed. The space that is needed to store all these copies (is the space that occupies the account of hosting multiplied by 21) is gratuitous: all this service does not have any additional cost for the client.

Other companies of hosting acquire this service to their clients as an extra, in addition to the space who need for a storing all copies, and is not indeed an economic service due to their quality and security.

The backup copies that keep in our systems belong to last the 13 days (one to the executed day at daybreak hour Spanish), and in addition, additional a every week until completing last the 8 weeks. Therefore, it is possible to recover data of up to 2 months back. Altogether they store to 21 backup copies of everything what we lodged in PrackHost, which is not nothing bad. Does Some company of hosting offer this to you? We think that not€¦ We are going to help you, through this tutorial of R1Soft Backup, to being able to manage by same you the restorations and unloadings available of your accounts of hosting, so that at any time and from your panel cPanel, you can recover your data if our intervention.

1. Access to the Backup copy Administrator

It follows the following instructions to accede to the Backup Server R1Soft (in future Backup copy Administrator) through your Control Panel cPanel:

  1. It accedes to cPanel. It introduces your name of user and password and you do click in the button €œTo initiate Session€.
  2. Beam click in the icon €œR1Soft Restore Backups€ in the interface of control of hosting. This icon is in the section Archives.
  3. You will be redirigido automatically to the Backup copy Administrator of your account.

R1Soft Restore Backups

1.1 Aceptar Certificate

Once kitchen boys in the icon of R1Soft Backup in cPanel, the navigating Web will redirigirá to you towards our copy surroundings. You must accept as insurance the certificate when your navigator shows the warning to you. The being a local certificate autofirmado, the navigator will show a window to you warning to you that the connection is not verified. According to the navigator that you use, you will be with a different warning:

  • If you use Firefox, you must accept that you understand the risks and add the exception of the certificate of the servant (To see Figure 1)
  • If on the contrary you use Google Chrome, you will puncture in options outposts and you will accept the connection through connection €œTo accede to (site not surely)€

Once you accept the certificate the navigator the first time, the system will not return to ask to you again until our certificate is renewed. This warning on the part of the navigator also surely takes place because it is not a commercial certificate generated by a specialized company, but an own certificate of the servant but.

To accept autofirmado Certificate to enter R1Soft Backup

2. Backup copy administrator of R1soft Backup

When we entered the Backup copy Administrator for the first time, is to us a list of the points of recovery available, detailing the date of creation of when the copy was generated. These will be all the copies that we will have your data. In each point of recovery, is a menu to the right where it will be possible to be acceded to four main actions:

  • To examine. We will be able to sail by the contents of the selected point of restoration and to choose the archives or loose folders that you wish to unload or to recover. It consults the following point of this tutorial to see how unload or recover your archives or folders from this option.
  • To examine Data bases. You will be able to sail by the stored data bases of your hosting in the copies, with the possibility of selecting the one that you want to recover. It consults the Step number 4 of this tutorial for it.
  • To unload. This assistant will guide to you through the steps necessary to unload all the data of your account of hosting. You will need to select a type of compressed file (.tar.gz or .zip). To all the folders and archives will lower. Consultation €œTo unload Complete Backup to your Local Computer€.
  • To send to Agent. This option allows you to recover the data of your account as a compressed file and to store it in own hosting (in the directory €œhome€ of cPanel). Consultation €œTo unload Complete Backup to the Home directory of the Servant€.

Backup copy administrator of R1soft Backup

3. Unloading or Restoration of Archives and Folders

If we want to unload archives or loose folders or want to recover them in hosting directly (in the real Web), we will use this option. In order to obtain the restoration, we will puncture in the icon €œto examine€ of the action menu.

Unloading or Restoration of Archives and Folders from R1Soft Backup

3.1 Navegaremos by the Home Folder

If we want to unload or to recover a file of our Web we will have to enter the folder €œhome€. This folder is the main directory of ours hosting and includes as well other subfolders that contain our data of the Web, ours emails and our data of user of cPanel, for example.

We will sail by the Home Folder

3.2 Buscaremos the folder public_html

Of the listing that appears to us when we entered the folder home, we selected to the folder public_html. This directory is the one that our Web lodges and includes the archives and folders of our installation of Joomla, WordPress, Prestashop, Moodle, etc.

We will look for the folder public_html

3.3 Seleccionamos the folder or file that we want to recover

In this last step we must choose of the listing of archives and folders that one or those that we want to unload or to recover directly. So many archives and folders can be chosen as we want. In this example we are going to recover the file €œindex.php€ of our WordPress.

We select to the folder or file that we want to recover

3.4 Seleccionamos the action

When selecting them, the action menu will activate arrives. We will be able to recover the archives and folders selected directly to our account of hosting, to unload them to our local computer or to send compressed them to €œhome€ of our lodging:

  • To recover Selected. It recovers the file or folder to its original location in the servant, replacing the archives or folders that already had. When puncturing in this option it will leave a window to you confirmation having warned that the archives or folders of destiny will be replaced.
  • To unload Selected. It compresses the archives that we are going to unload in a .tar.gz or .zip. When puncturing in this option the system will show an assistant to you so that you choose the type of compression and a name for the file that you are going to unload.
  • To send Selected to Agent. Just like the previous option, with the difference that the file or folder you will not lower it to your computer, but will store in the folder €œhome€ of your hosting.

We select the action

3.5 Restaurar Emails

If there are lost emails in our account of hosting or we want to recover some loose email by the reason that is, we can do it easily if we recovered the folder €œMail€ that there is within the folder €œhome €œ. (To see Figure 1) We will be able to recover emails of 2 months back! If we want in particular to recover only emails of some account of mail from our R1Soft Backup, we will enter the folder mail, we will select the folder that there is with the name of our domain and inside will find the divided accounts of mail in subfolders. As well, within these we will see the directories of our e-mail from where we will make the unloading or the direct restoration (To see Figure 2):

  • . Drafts: Rough drafts.
  • . Junk: Mail nonwished.
  • . Sent: Emails sent.
  • . Trash: Emails Eliminated.
  • cur: Post office of the Inbox
  • new: Post office New nonsights still.

Also we will be able to recover all the e-mail selecting to complete the folder €œmail€ (not recommended). It contacts with our Support for this complete restoration.

To recover Emails R1soft Backup

4. To recover Data base from the R1Soft Backup

Our data always are to safe with R1Soft Backup, in addition to the archives and folders of ours hosting, we will be able to recover the data bases of our lodgings. The data bases include all the articles, the news, users, etc. of our website. In order to accede to the assistant of restoration of the base data, we must puncture in the icon following in the main screen of the Backup copy Administrator.

To recover Data base from the R1Soft Backup

4.1 Elegimos Base de Datos

In this assistant, we will choose the name of the data base that we want to recover. It is important to choose the correct name, can be that we have several data bases in this account of hosting and all has a very similar name. Assure to you to choose the correct one. You can collate this name in your Control Panel of hosting (cPanel > Bases de Datos). If doubts what data base can be of the listing that appears to you, you will be able to verify his name in the configuration files of your manager of contents (wp-config.php, configuration.php, etc) or from the own administration, in the corresponding section of the configuration of the site.

We choose Base de Datos

4.2 Restauramos Base de Datos

When selecting the data base, will activate the action menu, in this case the button €œOf recovering Selected€. Eye! In this case will not be to us a confirmation window but the restoration will be carried out immediately. You must be safe to undertake this step since the data base of the Web in production will be sustituída. NOTE: So far it is not possible to recover a loose table, we will only be able to recover the data base to the complete one.

We recover Base de Datos

4.3 Restaurar Data base to another location

Another option exists that is not available from the Backup copy Administrator of the clients and is the possibility of recovering a data base to another location. We imagine that we want to recover our data base but we do not want to replace the one that there is in production in the servant but simply we want to remove to some data from some table of that backup. In this case, they would be possible to be overturned the tables of the data base of the backup copy to another base data of the lodging and to be removed the infomación that we want. Of this form, we can recover the tables of bd1 (the one that is published at the moment in the real Web and we have copy) to one bd2 that it is in our lodging but that is not operative or that we have created specifically for this aim. In order to conduct this battle, you must contact with us sending a support ticket, since it is an action that must be carried out by an administrator.

5. To unload Complete Backup to your Local Computer

It is third of the options available. This action allows to lower to a copy of all our archives or folders us to our local computer. It is important to say that in this copy, all the archives and folders of our lodging will be included, including the Web, emails, the configuration of the user of cpanel, etc. The data bases are not included in this copy, to lower we will follow them the steps explained in point 4 of this tutorial.

To unload Complete Backup to your Local Computer

5,1 Assistant of Complete Copy Unloading of R1Soft Backup

Will be the assistant for complete copy unloading of the R1Soft Backup. This assistant is made up of 4 main steps:

  • First as a €œIntroduction€. We can puncture in €œFollowing€ (recommended) jumping to step 2 or directly unloading the copy the values by defect. (To see Figure 1)
  • The second step, €œType of File€ that it will allow us to choose between two types of compression (.tar.gz and .zip). We will choose .zip for greater compatibility with your computer to the hour to decompress it. (To see Figure 2)
  • The third step €œTo unload File name€, where we will be able to choose the name of the compressed file that we are going to unload to our computer. (To see Figure 3)
  • In last step, €œSummary€, that will show a small summary to us of all the previous steps and it allows us to unload the file finally. (To see Figure 4)

Assistant of Complete Copy Unloading of R1Soft Backup

6. To unload Complete Backup to the Home directory of the Servant

Since we have explained previously, we can recover backup complete of all our archives and folders (without including the data bases) to our own account of hosting of the servant, without having to lower it to our local computer. It is the fourth option that is us in the main screen of the Backup copy Administrator of R1Soft Backup: it is the option €œTo send to Agent €œ.

The steps to follow to place the copy in the directory €œhome€ of ours hosting are exactly the same that there are detailed in the previous step, the only difference is that the compressed file will not be unloaded to our local computer but home€ of ours will be available in the directory €œhosting.

To unload Complete Backup from R1Soft Backup to the Home directory of the Servant

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