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Autocontestadores of mail of cPanel

You can use our autocontestadores to answer of automated form which sends an e-mail to you.

Between the possible scenes in which they are used the autocontestadores are if you are of vacation or you are not available temporarily or if you have a generic message that you wish to send from a support email address.

That is to say, what does the system is to respond to the same person who you has written an email with a text which already you have formed beforehand.

1. Access to the Autocontestadores

We accede to ours cPanel, and we accede to the corresponding section: €œMail€ > €œCar Answering machines€ > €œAdd Autoresponder €œ.

Access to the Autocontestadores from the panel cPanel

2. Character set

We arrive €œTo modify/To add Answering machine€ (Modify/Add Autoresponder) and first it is to select UTF-8 of the drop-down €œCharacter set €œ. Format UTF-8 is format of character encoding standard, that can represent any Unicode character and is the one that we must use to make sure that any adressee will be able to read our text, independent of the language/language that uses in its system.


Character set that shows the Autocontestadores to us de Cpanel

3. Interval

Next we introduce the interval. This field defines the time of delay between answers to the same email address. For example, if you form an auto answer of the autocontestadores with an interval of 24 and in the morning receive an e-mail of [email protected] to 8 of Monday, the answering machine will respond immediately.

Nevertheless, if [email protected] throughout continues sending e-mails the day, the answering machine will not respond until past 24 hours after the initial e-mail (in this case, 8 in the morning of Tuesday). If [email protected] returns to send a mail to you passed the 24 hours of the interval, it will return to receive an automatic message.


Interval to introduce in the Autocontestadores

4. E-mail

We insert our mail in the field €œE-mail: € (if we have several associated domains, we will also use the drop-down one of domains).

E-mail of the Autocontestadores

5. Subject and Body

In these fields we will introduce the title of our automatic email and the text that we want to send to our adressees. This text always will be the same. If we want that our autocontestadores use HTML in the body, we will have to activate square €œHTML This message contains HTML €œ. In the case that the text body is a simple flat text we will not mark this option.

Subject and Body of the Autocontestador

If you want to know more on the car answering machines, we advised to you to visit the official documents of cPanel.

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