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To create Cuenta FTP in cPanel

Creation of accounts FTP in cPanel

The entrance to the FTP (File Transfer Protocol, File transfer protocol) allows us to accede to our archives lodged in the servant to raise, to lower or to modify them according to our needs.

With your mail of activation you will have received the user and the password by defect to be able to enter by FTP your hosting.

Nevertheless, you can have the necessity at a certain time to create other additional accounts FTP. We explained you how to create an account FTP easily to raise and to lower archives to your website.

1. Access to your Control Panel cPanel

Sometimes, we needed to give access by FTP to certain users with the purpose of to raise or to lower archives from a folder that we want to qualify for such aim or for our own use.

For it we will have to create an account FTP. As always this possibility happens to enter ours cPanel and to follow the following steps:


  1. We go to the section €œArchives€ of our Cpanel.
  2. We puncture in the option €œAccounts FTP€.


To enter the creation of accounts FTP


2. To create Accounts FTP

  • In the field €œHome of session €œwe introduce the name that we wished to give this user. This name always will be completed with the domain to which it will accede ([email protected]).
  • We advise to use the Generating button €œof Passwords€ to create a safe password and to write down it somewhere surely. The password must have 10 characters at least, and contain capital letters, small letters and numbers.
  • Now in €œthe Directory€ field we will put €œpublic_html/nombre_de_mi_carpeta€ (without the quotation marks). The €œnombre_de_mi_carpeta€ will give access to the user that we are creating only to that folder and inner archives, not to the folders or archives that are at a level superior.
  • We will limit the space if we want that the FTP user that we are creating has a limited use of the disc and will define the limit here. We advise to put it in limitless if we do not want to make use of the quota.
  • We will finally puncture in the button €œTo create account FTP€ to finish the process.

As to create an account FTP in cPanel

3. Connection FTP to the servant

It is the following passage after creating an account FTP.

The data that you must introduce in your program FTP to connect would be similar to these, changing the data of access of example by the real ones:

  • Servant: or the IP of your servant (received in the email of discharge of hosting)
  • Name of User: [email protected] €“ Password: the chosen one with the Generating button €œof Passwords€
  • Port: The 21 Of this form users will have access to the created folder to raise and to unload archives.

Many gratuitous clients of FTP exist and commercial, you will have to choose some who either you use or to lower some of many that they exist. We recommend the use of FileZilla (gratuitous).

Entrance by FTP to the servant

4. To eliminate Account of FTP

If we want to eliminate an account of FTP of ours hosting we will have to puncture in the connection €œTo eliminate€ of our listing of reported FTP of taken care of discharge but having of not choosing the option €œTo eliminate account and archives€, since this option in addition to eliminating the user of FTP at issue, also would eliminate the content of the folder to which this one has access.

If we want to also eliminate the folder and his contents we select this option, of another way we will choose the option €œTo eliminate€ to conserve them.

NOTE: If we want to create an additional account FTP we can do it since in Tropical there is no limit at the time of creating FTP accounts.


To eliminate FTP accounts


To stop any doubt or question contacts with our Technical Support from your area of client.

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