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How to form the e-mail in Android (Screenshots)

How to form your email address in Android mobiles step by step

In order to form your accounts of mail, you must previously them have created in cPanel of your website.

Once created, we will accede to our device and we will go to the Menu > Ajustes > Mail (Mail).

NOTE: This tutorial of help is based on smartphone Google Android - version of Android 7 Nougat- but the steps is the same for other managers of mail and any device Android or Samsung.

We remembered you that you can also accede to your post office through Webmail.

1. To add Account

In the first screen of configuration of the mail client it is requested to us to introduce the name of our account of mail:

How to form an account of mail in Android Step 1: Adjustments of Cuenta


We introduce the name of our complete mail and next we pressed €œthe FOLLOWING€ button.


2. Type of Account

In the following steps the type of account appears to us that we wished to create. As it regulates general we recommended, that in movable devices, your account of mail is formed as IMAP, whereas in desktop computers they are type MGP 3.

The basic difference enters accounts POP3 and IMAP is that the accounts type POP3 do not leave to copy of emails in the servant and those of type IMAP, yes.

Reason why for a movable Android device he is recommendable to use servant IMAP to be able to synchronize and to eliminate mail in all the devices.

This is the predetermined form of this type of accounts, and if this aspect in the respective configurations does not change later, this one will be its on-speed operation.

How to form an account of mail in Android Step 2: Types of Account


When doing click in €œPERSONAL (IMAP)€ we will happen to the next screen of configuration.


3. Home of Session

The third screen will show to us To initiate Session and a text field to insert the corresponding password of the mail account that we are creating.

How to form an account of mail in Android Step 3: Home of Session


We introduce our password and next we beat in €œFOLLOWING€.


4. Configuration manual of the servant

4.1 Ajustes de Entrada or Incoming Servidor

We now happen to form the access to the mail proper. The first step is to form pop3.

The system will show all the fields to us filled up by defect.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to change the €œSERVANT€, €œPORT€ and €œTYPE OF SECURITY€ by the data of our domain.

According to one is in the capture, the services of mail would be something thus:

How to form an account of mail in Android Step 4: Servant of Entrance


We introduce the values of our account of mail (password and incoming mail).

It chooses safe port 993 and it marks the Type of Security as SSL/TLS.


NOTE: It is necessary to have installed certificates SSL in our account of hosting to be able to accede to the safe protocol.

If it takes to error this step to you, you will have to contact with your supplier of mail so that it manually forms a certificate of security in your account.

If your hosting you have it in PrackHost, you can create certificate SSL from your Control Panel cPanel.


We click in €œthe FOLLOWING€ button to continue.


4.2. Salient servant to send post office

Now he corresponds to form the salient mail surely as you can be seen in the capture, choosing exit smtp in the port 465 SSL/TLS:

How to form an account of mail in Android Step 5: Salient servant

As it happens with pop3 servant smtp needs to have certificates SSL formed to use this protocol.

Finally, we selected in €œthe FOLLOWING€ button to finish with the configuration.


5. Options of Account

It only lacks that we indicate the verification interval to him that we wished. The application of e-mail of Android €œMail€ allows a minimum us of 5 minutes.

How to form an account of mail in Android Step 6: Options of Cuenta



It beats in €œFOLLOWING€ finishing.


6. Name of Cuenta de Correo

The next capture shows the last passage in which it will only be necessary to introduce the name that we wished to give our account of mail:

This name can be different from the email direction.

How to form an account of mail in Android Step 7: Name of Cuenta


In order to conclude it selects €œthe FOLLOWING€ button.


In this way, it will be formed our application with your post office in the Android mobile and we will be able to send mail and to receive it in our application of favorite e-mail.

If you have difficulties to form your account contacts with Support.

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