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The 6 better groups for your PrestaShop store in 2019

The best PrestaShop Groups for this year 2019

The visual aspect of the stores online says much on its content and is clients who if they do not like warm up to you of your page simply will be lost before seeing them your product catalogue. Next we are going to exhibit a list to you with the 6 better groups for your PrestaShop store in 2019.

Since it is a really important characteristic, the only condition to enter the list will be that the subject is responsive (adaptable to mobile phones) and that is it of attractive form. The clients who we win by to have renewed the aspect of our store not we lose them by the way when they accede through his smartphones.

These are 6 templates for PrestaShop that we have selected for you (without connections of affiliates, as it must be):



PTS iShop

Speaking of better groups for your Prestashop we found iShop. Modern, direct, with precreated categories and pages CMS. He is one of the best Prestashop subjects than we have tried.
iShop includes everything almost what can include a subject:

  • Creative design
  • Constructor of Drag&Drop pages (to drag & to drop)
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Font Awesome
  • SASS
  • Publisher €œLive Theme Editor€ to customizar warms up to you without code knowledge

He includes 2 predesigned stores: Jewelry shop and Store of Furniture.

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We guaranteed the fastest lodging to you for your store online.

This group for Prestashop is commercial and has a 65$ cost.

Everything what you can need and to create your store of perfect Prestashop more. We invited to see his to you demo.





Simple but creative, especially useful for a fashionable webpage, gastronomy or technology. It is a great option if we want something infallible without having to complicate to us in the process too much. Special mention also, as all the templates of this comparative one, for their adaptability to smartphones.

A group constructed on framework €œpts Framework€ and also includes a constructor of pages drag and drops. It is a group that optimize its archives Javascript and css to harness the speed of load to the maximum. It includes publishing Live and €œhacking Core€ not to avoid vulnerabilities in Prestashop.

Responsive is a commercial group that is sold in ThemeForest and has a price of 70$.

To see Demo.





This subject is especially interesting if we sell fashionable clothes or products generally. It is ideal if we want to install the group and to be ready to begin to sell our products in our store.

Simple, with a great preformed part and an impeccable style.  Also with very good visualization from the mobile.

It includes 3 we give and Live Theme Editor.

It is also sold in ThemeForest and the price is of 70$.

To see Demo.





This subject could consider an exception since it centers in the sale of a single product instead of for a complete store. With him we can show the product in detail and we even have a special view of the product of 360 degrees.

Really impressive to emphasize our product it stars in the memory of our clients whom they look for to us in Google. We can sell a product and its accessories for example as additions premium. Interesting also as landing page for SEO.

He is another one of those subjects for Prestashop that there is to see to understand its power. It also has a 70$ cost.

To see Demo.




SNS Store

Group for Prestashop sold in Themeforest that contains more than 9 variations for home (6 complete width and 3 with design in box).

Designed on the base €œFlat Long Shadow€ to give a cleaner and elegant aspect him. It is a good starting point if you want to have a unique design thanks to its possibilities of personalisation. Its price: 70$.

To see Demo.


SNS Store



Another one of the best groups for our Prestashop store is Transformer. It contains more than 14 thematic different designs of example of and colors. It includes great effects to show products of a really attractive form.

The effect of rollover when visualizing products, as well as the characteristics of product listing and comparative developed with AJAX, allow a experience of much more smooth user. It includes extra modules as commentaries of products, list of desires, etc.

It is sold by 70$.

To see Demo.





Many groups of PrestaShop exist to turn your store into something special, but you have a selection of €œsuccesses ensured€ for your store here. All with a good design, SEO, adaptability to mobile phones, slight ease of use and weights not to slow down the load in the navigators of our clients. All a selection of templates 5 stars€¦ The cost of almost all the groups is the same. It is worth the trouble to invest money in templates of ecommerce with a professional design as these.

Be asked can more for our stores of PrestaShop?

If in addition to a good design for your store, you want hosting that it loaded fast and to multiply your sales, chooses best hosting PrestaShop in Spain. we will not defraud to you!

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  1. Transformation for PrackHost Juan June 28, 2018 to 7:43 p.m.

    The groups that comentais are very good some of them we have used them for our projects. We are designers of webpages and stores online. We create stores online with Prestashop and Woocommerce, nevertheless enchants Prestashop to us! Much more burglaryable for complex projects.

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