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Some good practices to reduce the risk of Spam in your Moodle

It reduces the Spam of your Moodle

If you use Moodle perhaps you have realized from which, although it is a really powerful platform, the Spam can get to be a problem. Possibly by the time that it takes published the site or by the lack of information of some webmasters that they work with this cms, the amount of messages and users Spam in some of the Moodle sites are quite high.
In order to fight this we are going to show 4 good practices to reduce the risk to you of Spam in your Moodle website. So that you can have a Web heals and in good state fighting the Spam of the fastest and effective form.



1. To update Moodle

In the first place and although it can seem obvious, is very important that you always maintain Moodle to the day. Many of the updates of the platform are created to reduce the Spam messages.

The more old it is your version, the more risk of Spam you will have in your site.
Moodle is conscious of this problem and it is in charge to be putting aim to any failure of security that can have in the platform. Patch to patch.

The majority of the problems with spammers usually is fault of bad updates or configurations of the page.

2. To form the users of a safe form

If what you want is to reduce the Spam in your Moodle website, you would have to pay attention to the following advice, who although limit some utilities of your site of very slight form, are really injurious for the Spam:

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  • To have €œregister_globals€ deactivated: you can do it in the configuration of your php. Of defect it would have to be in favor formed this way, perhaps but you have changed it at some time and is really dangerous to have it thus.
  • To have activated €œfor FORCE users to login you procase out€ and €œfor Profiles enrolled users only€ in the policies of the site. In the section of security within the administration panel. This can slightly be more discomfort for your users but it will also reduce the Spam remarkably. It is therefore an option important to emphasize. If your site does not have these activated options, raise to you to activate them.
  • It activates some system of captcha antiSpam. Recaptcha of Google for example is very effective.

3. To limit the intervention of the users

It thinks whenever functionalities need or not your site.

Itself you publish information in Moodle and you do not want commentaries or feedbacks, simply eliminates this possibility and you will have finished by root with almost everything, if not all the Spam.
Sometimes our site does not need to have automatic users, commentaries or a chat.

To eliminate these small vulnerabilities can absolutely eliminate the Spam of the simplest and clean form.

4. To clean the profiles of Spammers

This last recommendation to diminish the Spam in your Moodle website can seem something idiot but it is really important not to forget it.

If or you have had problems previously, it is very important that you are in charge to erase the users who made Spam or those that still does not recognize or not has participated in the site.

Moodle has a small system to do automatically this in the section €œReports€.

It works rather well but he is interesting that later you by hand are in charge to review it: it would be an authentic annoyance to have solved the problem of the Spam and that is repeated due to users who we have left forgotten there.

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