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How to choose the best name of domain for your Web

How to choose a domain

If it is your first Web. If you are thinking about mounting a new one€¦ or to even change of domain. Possibly you have realized that the election of domain names is one of the most important points.

It is difficult to know how how to choose the best name of domain for your Web. And it is that there are not many ideas for domains was there, in addition to being something totally personal.

From we are going here to try to give some basic advice you who guide to you in this process.

We do not want that you regret not making the correct decision in this starting phase in the future.


What domain is better? Grasp you to the classic thing, chooses .com

At present, we see that they do not stop to arise new extensions from all type (.pizza, .casa, .photography, etc.). Nevertheless, although some has a direct relation with your site, from we recommended you here to have left to you with €œ.com€.

It is the most common extension and more used by the users. It could be a weapon of double edge since noncause as much impact in the public, but is the one that more wide-awake confidence.

In addition, the added value of a .com domain in the future, certainly is major that other extensions .tld.

A person who is very not put in the Internet world will much more trust a domain €œ.com€ that in any other.

It thinks that a high percentage of the population lies down to finish any domain in €œ.com€ when it writes it, and even smartphones usually has a dedicated key to add it in a click.

For all these reasons we think that it can be a great idea, in this aspect, to follow with the classic thing. By all these reasons, we recommended to you to register a .com domain whenever it is possible.

The USA keywords if it is possible

Keywords plays a key role to position your domain. It is as to tell him to Google of entrance where it must classify to you.

To include in your interesting but little habitual domain one keyword can make you climb fast in Google, possibly the most important stairs of Internet, so he is advisable to before make a small investigation of positioning SEO, related with keywords looked for but little used.

You must avoid the use of scripts in your I dominate with keyword. You never must use more of an average script (-).

Tools for the investigation of key words, many of gratuitous them exist.

NOTE: Recently Google gives less importance him to this factor, and prioritizes the results name brand (brand) so if you do not find a domain with one keyword including, not you obsessions with this step.

Only, short and simple

If we had to explain to somebody how to only choose domains from three ideas, these would be without a doubt the three that we would choose to register a domain of your brand:

  • It must to be only, easy to remember and that in addition we can register with more extensions if in the long run we needed it, nothing of a name used Web or that already has partly another existing brand.
  • Short so that it is easy to write and to remember. To anybody it likes to have to one by one write 20 characters in the bar of directions. An advice to remember: you do not use scripts for your brand.
  • Finally, simple, as much at level spoken - of form that can enter without problems a conversation as at the time of writing it, with the aim of which nobody is mistaken and gone to stop to another side, to a page which it does not exist or why no, to your competition.

You do not limit too much your options

This can be something complex to square the previous thing yet but it will give full stop: you do not limit your options.

If you really want names for Webs, they would have that to be related directly to your niche of market, but with which, if ample the objective of your Web, you are not limiting yourself.

It is good idea that the page of your business begins with a concrete objective, but you do not forget that if everything goes well, you will be able to include more in the future, extending horizons doing the good marketing online.

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