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Let's Encrypt SSL gratuitous certificate available in cPanel

Your gratuitous certificate SSL of by life thanks to Let's Encrypt

The security in Internet has in the last increased years, mainly thanks to the confidence that generate security certificates when visits a website. Due to the increase of ciberataques and to avoid in good measures many of them, the security certificates help to recognize that the website that we are visiting does not contain any malicious software and by means of protocol €œHTTPS€ is guaranteed to us that any sensible information between the servant and the visitor is encriptada.

We today announce a new characteristic that we finished incorporating to all ours hostings shared and plans resellers that closely is related to the security which we have described previously. You can find a new connection in your panel of cPanel (within the section Security) that offers the possibility of improving the connection to your Web using a gratuitous certificate of security, and for always offered by the partnership Let's Encrypt. To day of today they have been emitted more than 1 million certificates!

Let's Encrypt is a gratuitous service of free emission of certificates and open code developed by Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), in Spanish, Group of Investigation of Security of Internet. The main objective of the project is to provide validated certificates of domain under demand and to make of Internet a place more surely. Sponsoring as the Mozilla Foundation, Akamai, and Cisco Systems still more increases to the credibility and the rate of success of this project, arriving comprising from him from their beginnings.



Advantages of gratuitous certificates of Let's Encrypt

The main advantages that offer are:

  • Any person who owns a domain name can use the service to obtain a confidence certificate free.
  • The service in line promotes the global security when allowing that more worthy websites will be of this form of confidence.
  • The configuration and the renovation are automatic, which causes that the security of Let's Encrypt is easy to use by any client.
  • The certificates are public so that anyone can inspect them, which guarantees the transparency in this sense.
  • The certificate is generated through a key of 4096 bit, much more safe that the standard of 2048 bits of cPanel and that is required for the majority of commercial certificates.

Facility of Discharge

With Let's Encrypt you will be able to generate your certificate for your website without having to fill up no personal information and clicking in a button.
You only must choose the domain/subdomain that you wish to protect with a certificate and to click in the button of emission next to him.

At the moment the project is in public phase beta and all the tests that we have realised until now have been satisfactory reason why we have decided to put it to the service of all our clients.

Things to consider

Some characteristics that you must consider:

1) They are not possible to be solicitd more than 5 certificates in the same week for certificate emissions that include subdomains:

https: //dominioejemplo .com
https: //www.dominioejemplo .com
https: //blog.dominioejemplo .com
https: //secure.dominioejemplo .com

2) The certificate is valid for 3 months. Unlike the traditional commercial certificates that entail at least to a minimum period of hiring of 1 year.

3) The certificates in ours hosting renew automatically so that you be not worried to renew them manually.

4) You can eliminate it and revoke it at any time.

5) Limitations exist when the certificate is asked for from the same IP reason why if many certificates are asked for simultaneously can be delayed the process. But you do not worry because it will be put in tail to emit itself when it is possible.

Tutorial of installation

We have raised a tutorial of how registering the certificate in your hosting cPanel. You can see it here:

How to install a certificate Let's Encrypt in cPanel

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