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Problems Joomla Security

Problems Joomla Security detected

In the last days, many attacks are being received on Joomla pages! by diverse reasons. Between the main ones we can emphasize:

  1. The version of Joomla is not updated.
  2. Some component nonupdated exists.
  3. The passwords of the mail accounts are not strong.
  4. Attacks by brute force to try to enter the administration of Joomla.
  5. The computer of the client is infected with some virus or Trojan.

We are going to try to clarify these points and to help you to that you are not object of a hackeo in your page nor use your e-mail fraudulently.

1) The version of Joomla is not updated

It is the hole of more important security. Joomla is updated regularly to correct security holes that are discovered in their code.
It is necessary to update the version of Joomla when it leaves a new version the series that we are using in our page (1.5.x, 2.5.x, 3.0.x)

PrackHost to facilitate this task makes your available in his hosting Joomla a very useful tool that with a single click allows you to update your version.

This tool is in the Control Panel of your site (cpanel). You must update the version of Joomla that you are using, that is to say if you have the 1.5.20, you will have to update to the 1.5.26, but not to a version superior (2,5 or 3) since the page will not be seen correctly.

2) Some component nonupdated exists.

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Several components exist that many users use who jeopardize the security of the site. These components are:

€“ Publisher JCE

€“ Easy Forms

These components if you have them installed, assure to you that they are the last version.

There is other components, modules, etc that contain malware, that is to say an hidden code that connect normally with Spam pages. To have these modules means the possibility of being penalized by Google, among others problems. These modules are:

€“ Autson Skitter Slideshow (mod_AutsonSlideShow)
€“ Share for This Joomla! (mod_JoomlaShare This)
€“ VirtueMart Advanced Search (mod_virtuemart_advsearch)
€“ AddThis For Joomla (mod_AddThisForJoomla)
€“ Plimun Nivo Slider (to mod_PlimunNivoSlider)

If you have some of these modules, desinstálalos as rapidly as possible.

3) The passwords of the mail accounts are not strong.

This is a very common error, to create accounts of mail with passwords that do not include Capital letters, small letters and numbers and are at least of 6 characters.
If this it is your case, it is urgent that you change the password the sooner since they can use your account to send Spam.

4) Attacks by brute force to try to enter the administration of Joomla.

In the last days we have noticed many attacks of this type. The ideal to stop these attacks is to use a strong password but mainly to protect €œthe administrator€ directory with .htaccess. This is easily made from the Control Panel cpanel of the lodging. In our zone of €œHelp€ we published a tutorial that explains how to do it. It is very important to make it the sooner to avoid that our site is attacked.

5) The computer of the client is infected with some virus or Trojan.

It don't mention it does not serve to have strong passwords in mail and Web if our computer is infected with some vitus or Trojan since a third party could enter our accounts and to use ours emails for little allowed aims. Assure you to pass an up-to-date anti-virus to your computer to detect these possible infected archives.

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