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We audit your website


It finds and it solves the technical problems that affect to your Positioning

Head Audit site SEO

SEO Onpage report

We analyze the technical errors from your website to the complete one and we sent a report to you in pdf.

Complete report by only 69‚¬

Codes HTTP

We analyze the codes of answer of your site to detect possible pages with servant errors (500, 503, 404, etc.)


We verify code HTML of your site and we helped to detect possible problems you.

Broken connections

We verify all the connections from your website and detected those broken connections that they can penalize to you.

Optimized titles

The title of your pages is one of the most important factors in the positioning. We analyzed them.

Optimized descriptions

An optimized description helps to secure more click you. It avoids to duplicate them or that has an excessive length.

ALT in images

Label HTML €œAlt€ of the images can help to position key words. Not to use it is negative and we detected it.

Audit of Example

Unload our report to you of example so that you see how it is the Audit of Site.

Audit of site example

It receives the report of Audit of Site

It locates the technical errors of your Web and improves your SEO Onpage from only 69‚¬.

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