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Analysis SEO of your pages


We analyze your pages to optimize your SEO

Head Audit Paginates

The 48 Factors of the Analysis


- Keyword in the title

- Length of the title

- Duplicated label

Analysis of the Title

The title, next to the URL, is most important


- Key words in the €œbody€

- Number of words in the €œbody€

- Key words in €œh1€

- Key words in €œh2-h6€

- Key words in bold, cursive or texts anchor

Analysis of the €œBody€

Detailed analysis of the body of the page


- Mixed connections HTTP and https

- Duplicated code rel= " canonical€

- Conflict in character encoding

- Use of frames

- Errors and Alert W3C HTML

- Errors and Alert W3C CSS

Errors of code

Errors and alert of codification


- Broken connections

- Number of connections in the page

- External liaisons dofollow

Analysis of Connections

Quality of the connections


- Urls dynamic

- Length URL

Analysis of urls

How they are urls of your page


- Optimized for mobiles

- Window of visualization formed correctly

- Too small text

- Size of too small bellboys

- Content outside the zone of visualization

- Page uses plugins

Level of Accessibility

How it is of accessible your page


- Keyword in description

- Length

- Label puts duplicated description

- Key words in label put key words (in disuse)

Analysis of goal tags

Correct use of puts them tags more important


- Text key words ALT

- Empty texts ALT

Image analysis

The images are fundamental to integrate your key words


- Marked Open Graph

- Marked of Structured Data

Schema data

Structured data to facilitate information


- Code of state of the page

- Broken resources

- Page restricted to the indexing

- Resources restricted to the indexing

- Use of goal refresh

- " Canonical€ use of rel=

Resources with problems

Error codes of the page


- Size of Page

- Response time of the servant

- Too many redirections

- Resources without compressing

- Images without compressing

- Resources without frisking

- Resources without minificar

- Javascript or CSS blocks content visualization

- Content of the first prioritized screenshot

Analysis of Speed

Time of load of all the resources of your page

Audit of Example

Unload our report to you of example so that you see how it is the Audit of Page.

Audit of page example

It receives the report of Audit of Page

It locates the technical errors of your page and improves your SEO Onpage in any URL from only 29‚¬.

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