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Text analysis TF-IDF


It creates a winning text using keywords adapted

Head Audit of Contents

Of what analysis TF-IDF consists?

In 3 simple steps it improves your positioning

  • We analyze the URL that you want to optimize.

    Simply you indicate to us what page you want to optimize and with what keyword.

  • We study the semantics of your contents.

    We analyze all the texts of your page and the relevance of the keyword chosen in the text.

  • You tenth what words you must add or clear in your text.

    We sent in pdf a report to you with all the optimizations that you must apply in your page.

Audit of Example

Unload our report to you of example so that you see how it is the Audit of Contents.

Audit of content example

Doubts on the Audit SEO

More frequent questions on our Audit of Contents

What includes the Analysis of Contents?

Our report includes the optimization of all the texts that compose your page: the title and the metadescripción, keywords in cursive bold or, the labels h1-h6, texts ALT and texts in connections.

In addition to these optimizations, it includes an analysis TF-IDF of the text.

How work does the Analysis of Contents?

We analyze the contents of your competitors in Top 10 of Google for a certain keyword and we showed the terms to you that you must use more or less based on the amount of words that you have published.

What means TF-IDF?

Term TF-IDF comes originated from the terms in English TF (Term Frecuency) or frequency of term and IDF (Inverse Document Frecuency) or inverse document frequency.

Really work does analysis TF-IDF?

It is an analysis technique that works rather well in pages that have abundant text. For example, in urls of article sale of ecommerce it is not recommended because usually it is used very little text.

Why it improves the SEO of my page?

Until it does few years, the optimization SEO of texts of a page were based simply on the density of inlhelp key words in the text.

Because seeking as Google has been perfected and now they also analyze the semantic relation between the terms and the use of synonymous, this technique more is recommended since it helps you to create better contents.

Not only you will optimize excellent texts in relation to a keyword, but we will help you to create a unique text.

With your report I will advance competition?

The report will help you to improve the positioning of your page in Google with the keyword that you want to optimize. Nevertheless, we cannot assure to you that you can advance to your competition since in the positioning Web they influence many other factors.

It receives the report of Audit of Content

It improves the contents of your page from only 49‚¬.

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