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What is rankingCoach?

Marketing online in the cloud

rankingCoach is a simple, economic and simple tool for your success online. By means of a series of easy tasks, rankingCoach guides to take I finish you the process of optimization in web search engines.

He is compatible with the majority of the CMS, as well as with static pages. It facilitates your work of optimization, avoiding complicated programming or HTML. It is a tool designed for nascent, but with professional results.

Easy To use


rankingCoach is a tool DIY of Marketing Online that is designed considering the user. Previous knowledge are not needed, simply it executes the software that will guide you in the process, using a clear and concise daily language and tutorial video.

In the present world, where Internet is more and more accessible, it has never been so easy to be online. Many easy and reasonable CMS allow the proprietors of small businesses to become position of their presence online, taking the professionalism to a personal level. But, now already you have created your beautiful webpage, how you can emphasize online?

Here it is where rankingCoach arrives to help. By means of an interface simple to use, clear instructions and compatibility of your CMS, rankingCoach take your Web to the following level.

Thanks to its explanations, the system teaches areas to you of your webpage that you did not know that they existed, with the aim of doing it so attractive for Google as it is possible.

Once you have finished with this trip as much in €œon page€ as €œin off page€, as well as your development in social networks, will be able to monitor the results by means of a series of concise and excellent reports, presented in a variety of formats, to allow its easy understanding. rankingCoach obtains that small and average companies can compete with the great companies online.

rankingCoach is easy to use
rankingCoach easy to use

Reasonable price

FROM ONLY 29‚¬/mes!

It has a very reasonable price for the potential and the success that offers. It is certainly you recover the investment done in the tool. You will see tangible results in your presence online. To order marketing online to an external company is expensive and with rankingCoach it you will be able to do you yourself by very little money.

Contracting our plan of 29‚¬/mes you obtain:

  • 100 keywords.
  • 10 competitors.
  • 10 locations for the 100 key words.
  • Tutorial video detailed.
  • Up-to-date daily reports of the ranking in Google.

Videotutoriales simple


The tutorial video will guide to you through process of optimization of your webpage. The tasks are interrelated, allowing a more effective analysis you of the results. The areas that are included are in external page and tasks, as well as in social networks and of location.

The tutorial video helps in the optimization process until the businessmen without the minimum experience in the technological area. The tasks are divided in sections nails for marketing online. In the end, you will know that you have been your who has marked the difference in your Marketing Online.

The videos that help to secure your goals have the following characteristics:

  • They are in Spanish (Spain, Argentina, Mexico and Chile) and other 15 languages.
  • They are clear and concise.
  • They show retail the steps to you to follow.
  • They exist more tutorial in video guided for the CMS used (WordPress, Joomla! , Prestashop, Magento, Drupal, etc).
rankingCoach tutorial video
rankingCoach tasks

Analysis of tasks


It learns how step by step to optimize your website by same you with tasks that guide to you with complicated video tutorial simple and anything. rankingCoach verifies your webpage, it analyzes your potential of optimization, and it presents a series to you of tasks that include tasks of optimization in web search engines, local marketing online, linkbuilding, and optimization of social networks.

So that the tasks do not become heavy they will be divided per days to be advancing little by little in the positioning. You always can skip some task if therefore you wish it.

The improvements of results in the finders always have been time. All the work in a day cannot be done but the ideal is to do a constant work during at least 12 months. The purpose of the tasks is to follow some directives clear to be advancing safe envelope.

Directories online


If you look for to position your business in your city also accounts with the option of including your Web in more important the local and regional directories. Through the guided tasks you will be able to secure the first connections from local directories. And everything without fear to mistake to you!

In addition, in the analysis of the competition, will be to you some connections that you must be able towards your page to equal them. The task of linkbuilding in this sense is easier, since a study of the incoming connections is realised that aim towards your competitors.

rankingCoach local SEO linkbuilding
rankingCoach competing

Competing analyses


It chooses up to 10 competitors of your business or selects the competition that offers the tool to you. Surpass them thanks to your scaling in the pages search on certain key words.

  • It reviews the ranking of Google and Bing of your competitors.
  • It analyzes your progress with simple graphs.
  • It audits some incoming connections of your competition.

It monitors your Advances


When you only monitor your success, you can know if you are improving. rankingCoach facilitates information to you on the positioning for all key words, in each one of the selected locations. So that you can find out how of good it is going to you in each one of the regions in which you operate, as well as at general level.

The reports clearly appear in graphs and statistics easy to read, detailing the progress of all the key words, on local scale, regional and national.

In PrackHost we included up to 100 key words by project!

rankingCoach information
rankingCoach Support

Technical support


If you had some difficulty to use rankingCoach you do not worry, because you can connect with the Technical Support in Spanish to solve all doubts. It accedes to its Support from any place within the tool.

logo ambassador

PrackHost is ambassador of rankingCoach in Spain.

Supported CMS

rankingCoach supports any CMS, as well as static pages HTML.
In addition it counts on guided videotutoriales of the following CMS:









€¦ more

It takes to the reins SEO of your business ALREADY! from only 29‚¬/mes

It secures better results in the web search engines and it observes as your business grows!

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