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Better programs to create store online

Better programs to create a store online and aspects to consider

By admin / 07 March 2019

You know it clearly, you are going to mount a store online and to sell your products by Internet, no longer there is one who stops to you! This step, that can be most difficult, is not more than first of other many that you are going to have to give and important decision to€¦

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The 4 better visual publishers for WordPress

By PrackHost / 19 June 2018

WordPress is wonderful. Thanks to him, people who do not have nor computer science idea can have a webpage or a blog. That was unthinkable not many years ago! Really, the presence has democratised online. Although it has €œbut€, and is what costs to obtain that has the design€¦

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Error 500 computer graphics

Error 500: what means and how to solve it

By PrackHost / 27 January 2018

Index of this articleWhat is the HTTP error 500 that I see in my Web? What is error 500? Solution of Problems: How To repair this errorDetección of the error: the error_logDesactiva temporarily .htaccessComprobar the permissions of folders and archivosTiempo of agotadoError delay 500 in WordPressAumenta the limit of memoriaEn alojamientoEn WordPressPrueba to€¦

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To change theme of WordPress

7 advice before changing the subject of WordPress

By PrackHost / 22 September 2017

Index of this artículoTe we explained how you can change the subject of WordPress of your site without problemas1. Taking notices of the changes in your group actual2. Ten taken care of with sidebars3. You do not lose the code of pursuit of Google Analytics of your subject actual4. You are working with a good RSS? 5€¦.

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Joomla 3.8

Launching and New features of the version of Joomla 3.8

By PrackHost / 20 September 2017

Index of this articleJoomla 3,8 already has been published! We told the new features you of this version. What new features bring Joomla 3.8? New enrutado system of URLsI can update my site to Joomla 3.8? Corrected problems of security Joomla 3,8 already has been published! We told the new features you of this version. The equipment of€¦

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To see invoice in Prestashop

Emission of Invoices in PrestaShop

By PrackHost / 18 July 2017

Index of this artículoFacturación in PrestaShopCómo to issue invoices in order statesBe published and be personalized can the invoices of orders? Options of FacturaAntes to print invoices in PrestaShop€¦ Invoicing in PrestaShop Emitir invoices is extremely important, not only by the legal subject, but also to show the more seriousness in your business€¦

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Image Optimizer cPanel Options

Image Optimizer, optimizer of images for cPanel

By PrackHost / 19 June 2017

Index of this articleHow to optimize any type of image in my lodging Web? How I can optimize my images easily? Programs for the optimization of imágenesPlugins to optimize imágenesLa solution everything in one: Image OptimizerTipos de Imágenes How to optimize any type of image in my lodging Web? If your personal blog or€¦

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5 good practices to create evaluations in Moodle

5 good practices to create evaluations and tasks in Moodle

By PrackHost / 04 May 2017

Index of this artículoLograr good practices at the time of creating evaluations in Moodle1. The evaluation must be formative and sumativa2. The evaluation must be part of the design and to be related directly to the results of learning of curso3. The evaluations and tasks of Moodle must be válidas4. The evaluations must€¦

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How to make faster Joomla

9 indispensable advice to make your Web Joomla! faster

By PrackHost / 02 March 2017

Index of this artículoAumenta the speed of your Web Joomla 3.x1. Hosting of good reputation as PrackHost2 chooses. It qualifies the Gzip3 compression. It qualifies the system of caché4. Correcta5 optimizes the images of the form. It optimizes CSS and JavaScript6. Clean your Joomla7 website. It updates Joomla! 8. It optimizes your site€¦

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How to create and to manage a Moodle course

How to create and to manage a course in Moodle

By PrackHost / 27 February 2017

Index of this artículoTodo what you need to know how to create and to manage a course in MoodleCrear the course in MoodleAdministrar our course of Moodle Everything what you need to know how to create and to manage a course in Moodle If you do not know Moodle, is a platform that takes growing without stopping from€¦

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