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Head who we are

Who we are?


PrackHost LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, is a from Granada company founded on the year 2003 and pioneering one in Spain in offering lodging solutions Web for Open Source portals. We found at the time in addition, among others, the portals Hispanic Mambo and Joomla! Hispanic to help the community of Mambo and Joomla disinterestedly! respectively to develop its projects.

After many years offering services of development and design of websites, in 2006 we decided to concentrate in offering hosting Joomla of quality, since any company dedicated in offering lodging did not exist Web and specialized support: the Joomla community in Spain was devoid of these services.

Our project was a success and soon hundreds of clients were united worldwide. Later, with the passage of the years and the accumulated experience throughout this time, we extended our services to also include in our product portfolio others cms very used by our clients as they are WordPress and Prestashop.

More recently, in 2015, we also included in our supply the possibility of contracting specialized packages of hostings of Moodle.

All this accumulated experience for more than 15 years, makes us be a good reference if you want to count on a professional solution of hosting and to be not worried of the possible problems that can be presented with your Web. We want to always offer the best services to you and for it always we tried to innovate, renewing our products and services constantly.

Our 6 fundamental pillars

Hosting NVME + LiteSpeed

We offer hosting to you for cms faster of Spain. Our servers are 100% optimized to lodge different cms from which we are specialized (WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop). We combine the faster NMVe discs next to the Web server LiteSpeed to sweep to our competition.

Elastic Hosting

Our Hosting in the cloud to the letter allows you to only create your own plan of lodging adding the resources that you are going to use. Ample your plan in 1 click in the heat of the moment and only grows according to your possibilities.

VPS Cloud

Virtual private servers moved by VMware for benefits of your own exclusive resources. High availability 99.99%. Hosting for VPS more surely endorsed by hardware of high performance in reserve to avoid possible failures.

Dedicated servers

In our new range of Servers Dedicated for 2018 we have wanted to include the yield improvement who contribute the new NVMe discs. Our different models are thought to lodge the most demanding projects balancing a very high power of processing with the reliability and speed of these new discs.


Through several tools that exist in the market we helped our clients to improve its project Web in the finders. The subject of the positioning Web is a complex subject that it requires the use of several software that will help you to be successful in your planning SEO.


Perhaps it is the pillar by that we bet more, offering in all our products of hosting a system of backup including in the price that allows you to recover any state of your Web of last the 2 months.

More outstanding Timeline of PrackHost

  • (2003) Birth of PrackHost

    The 10 of April of 2003 PrackHost are born for the first time as company name. We register the .net domain for it. In principle we used it to lodge in a package to reseller of cPanel the developments Web that we do to the clients with Postnuke, Mambo and OsCommerce.

  • (2006) Creation of ours first Web of sale of hosting

    The 30 of May of 2006 we also registered our .com domain to begin to sell hosting to ours first clients. We occur to know as the first Spanish company in offering hosting specialized in Joomla! offering plans of hosting shared including Joomla support. Our Tropical brand Server is born.

  • (2007) more workers add themselves to the company

    This year is a year of total expansion. After the successes reaped with our services of hosting we extended the work group.

  • (2008) we became Limited company

    In November of 2008 we happened to be a legal person in the form of Limited company.

  • (2009) Version 2.0 of PrackHost

    The 12 of April of 2009 we wear for the first time the second version of our Web. We continue using Joomla for it and we created our own design.

  • (2009) limitless Traffic 9999

    The 9-9-09 we cleared the limitation of traffic in all our products of hosting. As much shared, resellers, VPS and Dedicated no longer will have never limit of monthly transference.

  • (2010) Club of Templates Joomla

    The 04 of June of 2010 we announced our club of Templates for Joomla. It was a project that we left in a moment for want of resources and of time.

  • (2011) Transfer of Office

    The 15 of March of 2011 we transferred our main office of Salobreña (Granada) to capital Granada where we have our present location.

  • (2011) the First range of VPS

    The 29 of August of 2011 we extended our product portfolio and we offer virtual private servers (VPS) moved with Proxmox.

  • (2011) Partners of Installatron

    The 21 of September of 2011 we become partners of the installer of Installatron applications.

  • (2011) We created the double backup copy

    The 11 of November of 2011 Ofrecemos to all our clients the first solution antidisasters with double backup copy. (Incremental Backup + Backup of all the servant). Software that we used during that time was CpRemote although it was left to the few months by the problems that it causes in the saturations of the resources.

  • (2011) We doubled the storage space

    The 11-11-11 the clients required more space in the plans so we doubled the disc space of our plans of hosting without cost for them. The plans began by plans of 500Megabyte.

  • (2013) Version 3.0 of PrackHost

    The 28 of June of 2013 we updated our website forced by the change that we had to carry out in the zone of clients. Software that we used for our management stopped offering to support and updates and we had to migrate to a better system and more robust than he is the one that we used today: WHMCS.

  • (2013) Alliance with Cloudflare

    The 31 of October of 2013 we allied ourselves with Cloudflare to be able to offer its services of gratuitous CDN to our clients. We became partners.

  • (2014) Partners of cPanel

    The 29 of January of 2014 we become partners of cPanel. We take working with cPanel from year 2003 (from its beginnings).

  • (2014) Idera Backup as solution of backup

    The 3 of February of 2014 we activated a new service of copies called R1soft that gives a jump us of very important quality in the management of backups of the clients. During 2 years we used it until we decided to change it by JetBackup. A less complex solution for our clients and without the problem of licenses that the R1Soft supposed.

  • (2014) We opened our Cloud Hosting

    The 18 of March 2014 we commercialized ours first services of Cloud Hosting. The VPS of the clients are migrated to the new platform of VMware and we discarded Proxmox by their repeated failures in the virtualizations.

  • (2016) Version 4.0 of PrackHost

    The 29 of February of 2016 Desarrollamos our new Web to present all the new features that we were implementing for our clients. We especially open plans thought about our clients who used Moodle.

  • (2016) We offer certificates free

    The 10 of March of 2016 we became the first company of hosting in Spain in offering gratuitous certificates for our clients. Through ours script can be installed and be managed since then any certificate SSL Let's Encrypt.

  • (2016) Servers LiteSpeed and HTTP/2 PHP 7

    The 5 of September of 2016, we give to a jump of very important quality when offering to our clients the possibility of using php 7 and HTTP/2. In addition, we migrated all our servers to LiteSpeed Web server.

  • (2016) Partners of LiteSpeed

    The 14 of September of 2016 we became the first partners of LiteSpeed in Spain. This Web server is fastest and the one than causes that ours hostings is faster than the competition.

  • (2016) Marketing of affiliates

    The 28 of November of 2016 we created our platform of affiliates for all those clients or users who want to make money advising our products.

  • (2017) Welcome to JetBackup

    In June of 2017 we rejected R1soft as endorsement system and used JetBackup. It is a new system that intregra in cPanel and which has a friendly interface much more for our clients very well. Since then we kept 120 backup copies from each Web that lodges in our company.

  • (2017) ImageOptimizer

    The 19 of June of 2017 we published ours plugin ImageOptimizer that allows all our clients to compress its photos without losing quality and passing the test of Google PageSpeed.

  • (2017) Partners of Softaculous

    In September of 2017 we become partners of Softacoluos and we rejected to Installatron as script to install applications Web.

  • (2018) PrackHost version 5.0

    The 7 of January we opened version 5.0 of our Web to commemorate our 15 years spent to PrackHost. 2018 an exciting year appears to make arrive at our public the innumerable new features that we presented.

  • (2018) NVMe Discs

    The 7 of January of 2018 we put in circulation our new plans of hosting with disc NVMe and our Cloud Elastic Hosting. In addition our new products managed VPS Cloud for cms more used.

  • (2018) Cloudflare Railgun

    From the 7 of January of 2018 we began to offer to all our clients the option to activate in his Webs the technology Railgun de Cloudflare. This service has a cost of 200$/mes, but we free offer it to all [email protected]

  • (2018) Copies every 2 hours

    From June of 2018, the new plans for WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop now include backup copies every 2 hours of the data bases. Our clients count on a copy system without competition, having the possibility of recovering their possible more recent data.

  • (2018) Automatic Updates

    From Julio of 2018 it is possible automatically to update any installed CMS and plugins and themes of WordPress. Everything from our Control Panel and visiting the administration.

  • (2018) Imunify360

    From the 10 of November of 2018 we counted in all our servers with the protection of Imunify360, the best suite of security for Linux servers developed by the equipment of CloudLinux.

  • (2019) Staging

    From the 30 of January of 2019 our clients they count on a professional platform of staging to realise his development Web of a safe way, stable and without interfering in the Web in production.