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Head reasons to choose to us

To what delays to be client?

Why to choose our products? We give at least 10 reasons you€¦


More than 15 years of experience they guarantee to us, from 2003 working with Web sites realised with scripts Open Source. 

in the cloud

High availability of all our servers. Our servers are nailed in the best network of Europe, with very good connections to other continents.

Optimization of Servers

Optimized servers 100% for scripts Open Source more used: Joomla! , WordPress, Prestashop, Moodle, Magento, etc.

Technical service

Impeccable Technical Service with gratuitous customized support of Joomla! , WordPress, Prestashop and Moodle for anyone of our plans of hosting.

The fastest servers

Our servers are fastest of Spain. We unite best and software and hardware to make load your Web as a rocket.


Levels of security extreme hardware and software to avoid that a third party can take part in your Web without your consent.

Automatic updates

Urgent warnings in your email of updates of cms that you are using and possibility automatically of updating it without needing entering admin of cms.

Groups Free

With ours hosting of cms specialized we included without cost tens of groups: Groups free for WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop and Moodle.

Limitless traffic

The traffic in all ours hostings shared, to reseller and VPS is limitless, you will not have to worry to you about the traffic that generates your Web.

Backups every 2 hours

Backup copies every 2 hours of last the 2 recoverable months by you at any time, without our intervention.

It enjoys some advantages today!