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For 15 years, they trust us of thousand clients worldwide.

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Some opinions of [email protected] clients

Nick Loggie

We have worked with PrackHost from 2007 using his services of shared, VPS and dedicated domains, servers. The quality of its service is excellent and has been improving during the years. It is a very professional but simultaneously near company. Other companies will offer lower prices but the experience only makes to you clear who is trustworthy and PrackHost really offers the endorsement of professionals.

Nick Loggie

Director Group Adlibweb SL
Josep Queralt

They are already near eight years working with PrackHost. Little more I have to say, when somebody trusts a project Web after another one to a same company of hosting the words exceed. After these years to its side, the best word than happens me to define them is €œTRANQUILLITY€. Tranquillity because you work knowing that behind you there is a set of people that is pending of the security of your lodging. Tranquillity by its coordination at the time of endorsing to you with backup copy multitude. Tranquillity before any problem since via ticket or telephone route they offer an exquisite service to you. Tranquillity because they do not stop until providing solution to your problems. Tranquillity because you see that their services are always to the vanguard.

Josep Queralt

Coordinating Web

PrackHost is, with much difference, the best site of lodging than we have had. From year 1998 and 2002 that we have our two webpages, we have happened through many companies of lodging and the service, the rapidity in solving any problem and mainly the customized attention and with affection of PrackHost does not have equal.

At this time at which everything is depersonalized much is thanked for the excellent attention. We are enchanted with the company and its personnel. We recommend this company for all the reasons previously set out.

Carmen Alcocer

Writing coordinator Tree of the Shared in common European News and
Jesús Zamit

Besides the good technical services that they give, most important for me it is his professionalism and cordiality, educated and efficient, counts on excellent knowledge (not only as far as his services it talks about if not to doubts or problems of facilities, programming€¦), rapidity in their answers of support, kindness in the same and do not give a closed ticket by until it is not solved.

Ever since I chose them as my supplier of hosting, been I have never disappointed with PrackHost. If sometimes been I have worried about some problem, or in shared servers or VPS, they have been in charge in helping, looking for solutions me.

I have mentioned that PrackHost is incredible? For me, he is it, he is as a partner or friend more, to the one than whenever I can I recommend it.

Jesús Zamit

Director of Joomlawebs

In 2007, in a meeting of €œjoomleros€ in Barcelona we commented the subject
of the lost ones of time because of the noncompatible servers with
Joomla! and with Services of Attention to the Client in other languages and sections
schedules different from the Spanish when somebody I speak suddenly of Tropical
Server, a company of hosting specialized in CMSs, located in Spain
(Andalusian for more signs€¦), with attention to the near user and

I began providing with accomodations a Web and today I have a VPS contracted with

The reasons are simple: Personal treatment in the resolution of incidences.
High speed of transference. Economic prices (if there are them cheaper
but nor by far with these services). Automated backup copies
daily that really works. A user panel
and clearly efficient for the management of my products and invoices€¦ But before

Hilario Sevilla

Luciano Pérez

We maintain more than 30 clients of Hosting through PrackHost for more than 8 years.

For our clients most important it is to feel endorsed by his Internet service provider since their operations depend crucially on which the service works permanently and that is the most important quality of PrackHost, their service is excellent and the answer first of all type of situations is immediate, warm and effective. We have had the opportunity to move our portfolio to other suppliers but the enormous satisfaction with its services has not made us nor raise the change to us.

Luciano Pérez

Director Crest Consultancy
Antonio Pérez

It does but of 12 years we began the adventure of, company dedicated to the management Web, and almost from the beginning we worked with Tropicalserver. They have been 12 years in which they have happened to us of everything: changes of design, changes of clients, changes of country of the offices, changes, changes, changes€¦ and always Tropicalserver were to help and to solve us the problems us.

Many of our clients worked with other suppliers of hostings and in the end they ended up working with Tropicalserver. I believe that in these 12 years we have used almost all the services that Tropicalserver offers. When one wants to be best in the management the Web, you need to the best ones.

Antonio Pérez

Director Infonet Group
Juan Padial Molina

From my first Web, with a few tens of daily visits, to the administration of a magazine with more than 600 thousand monthly readers, I have learned many things. One of them is that hosting is a fundamental pillar for a business online with growth perspective.

TropicalServer has been for me this pillar on which to grow. To them there am trusting the administration of my servers to be able to dedicate Web completely to me and I cannot be satisfied more with the result. A service of first quality.

Juan Padial

Curiosoando director

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