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Discs 6 times faster than the SSD


In ours hostings shared for CMS and Dedicated Servers we used Express discs NVM

Head hosting nvme

NVMe discs

Disc Tropical Nvme Server

Already available in our plans of hosting shared of WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop!

You know what is to lodge a Web in a servant who writes almost to 5Gb/s? Your Web flies, literally.

What is NVMe?

The NVMe discs (non-volatile memory express) are the new standard of high-speed storage.

In our tests we have detected a yield almost 6 times superior to traditional discs SSD and almost 42 times superior to the normal discs SATA.

Advantages on traditional discs:

  • Smaller power consumption
  • Greater number of operations per second (IOPS)
  • Greater speed of transference

Performance tests SATA versus SSD versus NVMe

We realise the performance test of disc €œhdparm€ to see the speed of writing of 3 types of different from discs. In this case we used a servant with discs SATA2, another one with discs SSD and another one with the new NVMe discs.

As it is appraised in the graph and thanks to the PCI Express connection, the yield difference is quite appreciable.

NVMe benchmarks

NOTE: Tests of 3 different discs realised by PrackHost in its servers.

Products of hosting with NVMe discs

The products of hosting that have NVMe discs are hosting shared for WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop. Also all the new range of dedicated servers of 2019.

They do not count on NVMe discs the following products: Hosting Moodle, Elastic Cloud Hosting and no model of VPS Cloud. These products are hostings in the disc cloud SSD. In the future we hoped to be able to offer all our products of lodging with NVMe discs.

Hosting WordPress

from 89‚¬ to the year
  • Of 5gb to 40Gb of space

Hosting Joomla

from 89‚¬ to the year
  • Of 5gb to 40Gb of space

Hosting Prestashop

from 119‚¬ to the year
  • Of 5gb to 50Gb of space

Dedicated servers

from 249‚¬ to the month
  • From 2 xs 450Gb to 2 xs 1,2TB