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How to protect of Spam your e-mails with SpamExperts

Introduction to SpamExperts

SpamExperts is a filtrate solution of e-mail easy to use that it allows you to protect your account against the incoming and salient Spam. One of the benefits of SpamExperts is that the suspicious e-mails are stored in the group of forty of mail nonwished, reason why the users can administer the e-mails easily and mark them as legitimate or suspicious.

This option antiSpam is optional and we do not offer it as standard in ours hostings. If you are interested in activating this option for your domain, he contacts with us.

3 services available active exist:

  • The service of filtrate of incoming e-mail of SpamExpert protects your network of Spam, virus, ransomware and attacks of malware before they arrive at your computer.
  • The service of filtrate of salient e-mail protects your reputation and avoids the black lists.
  • The filed service of e-mail allows you to recover emails eliminated by error and in addition to give fulfillment to the policies of security of the new RGPD.


How work does the filtrate of SpamExperts?

SpamExperts works concerning domain, which means that you can manually select the domains that you wish to protect.

When having qualified SpamExperts in your domain, all the incoming and salient e-mails are enrutan automatically through local filtrate system of SpamExperts that we used before arriving at the mail servant.
If the e-mail you define it as mail nonwished, one will discard or it will be put in group of forty. In case the e-mail is valid, it will be sent to your account of e-mail at issue.

All the process of filtrate and delivery of mail is realised in our servers and not in external servers. This it is the summarized operation of the filtrate system:

SpamExperts computer graphics


Use of SpamExperts in cPanel

Entrance to the configuration panel

In order to enter your account of SpamExperts and to form your e-mail, to manage the group of forty, search logs, etc. you must before accede to your Control Panel cPanel.

In the section of mail icons you will find the called icon €œProfessional Spam Filter €œ:


Professional Spam Filter cPanel connects


Kitchen mhelp exceeds he stops to accede to the list of domains/protected subdomains.

Kitchen mhelp in the connection €œlogin€ that one is just next to the domain which you want to form.

When puncturing on that connection you will enter the panel (spampanel) of SpamExperts.


Spampanel SpamExperts


Incoming mail

Search of registries (Search of log)

With the help of the search of registries it is possible to see the registry of received e-mails, blocked or rejected temporarily. You can look for in the registry the incoming e-mail according to criteria as the subject, the sender and the adressee of the e-mail, the sender/name of host, the IP of destiny and others. Once the necessary options have been inserted, you click in Initiating search to obtain the wished registries.

The search of the e-mails in group of forty and all the options related to the search (as much for salient correspondence as incoming) is here. You can establish several rules of consultation and export the entrances to a file CSV.

Here you can look for the e-mails by: hour or date of delivery, sender or adressee, IP, subject, content within the message, etc.


SpamExperts search of registries


Group of forty (To put mail nonwished in group of forty)

In this section you can review all the incoming e-mails that they are in group of forty and they have not been given to your inbox by security.

They are stored during 28 days of predetermined form so that they can be verified and soon they are eliminated of automatic form.

Here you can look for, like in the antaerior section, the e-mails by: hour or date of delivery, sender or adressee, IP, subject, content within the message and to drain the Spam group of forty if it is necessary.

Other options available in this section if you select a mail or several and you open the unstickable one are:

  • To eliminate of group of forty will eliminate the e-mail of the group of forty.
  • To release of group of forty, will release the e-mail of the group of forty and it will only give it to the adressee if it is necessary.
  • To release and to train of group of forty will give the e-mail to the adressee and it will train it as nonSpam in the SpamExperts system.
  • To unload message in group of forty to unload that message in format .eml compressed in .zip to your computer.
  • Sender of white list will give the e-mail to the wished adressee and will automatically add the email address to the White List of the sender.
  • Sender of black list. He will eliminate the e-mail and he will automatically add the email address of the sender to your Black List.
  • To see e-mail to see a previous view in HTML of the message.


SpamExperts group of forty


The suspicious messages that are rejected temporarily NOT are included in the group of forty system. Its delivery by the shipment servers will be tried again automatically.

In order to see headed and the complete content of the e-mail in group of forty, you click in the links of the subject of the e-mail. Then, the eyelash €œWithout processing€ chooses to see the head of the message and in the part inferior €œLoading raw body€ to load all the email.

NOTE: In the part superior of the page of headed without processing you can find all the options that we have described previously of the pull-down menu of options.


Tail of delivery (Tail of incoming delivery)

Here you can find the list of incoming e-mails that cannot be given to the external servant of the adressee temporarily. Normally by an error 4xx.

The e-mails in tail can be leaked by the following criteria: sender, adressee, size, hour, YOU GO of message, etc.

The following options for the filtered post office exist:

  • The option of I try again forced: it will return to try to send the e-mail.
  • The option To eliminate: it will eliminate the e-mail of the tail.
  • The option To eliminate and to inform as Spam: it will eliminate the e-mail of the tail and it will notify as mail nonwished the mail servant.
  • The option Details of error: it will verify the reason for which the messages are stored in the delivery tail.
  • The option To see: it will allow to verify the headed ones you of the e-mail in tail.


Alias of Domain

This option is useful if you have several domains in your account of cPanel. Any e-mail sent to the domain alias will be sent to the same user in the main domain.

You must consider that the alias domains do not have separated access to the mail Web.

The mail received by the adressees in the domain alias will treat in the same way that if it had arrived at the main domain.

For example, if you have the domain, and an alias, the mail for [email protected] will use the same adjustments for [email protected] The wished mail will not be placed in the group of forty of [email protected], and the registry entrances will be available under the direction of [email protected]


SpamExperts Alias of Domain


Alias of email addresses

In this menu you can create alias for your accounts of e-mail.

Specific the name of the account of existing e-mail in the field €œEmail address€ and the alias that you wish to have in the field €œAlias of the direction email €œ, soon presses To add.

This way, all the e-mails sent to the alias will be redirigidos automatically to the mail account.

Ten in account that is not possible to send e-mails from an alias direction. For these aims, you will have to create a complete account of e-mail in your cPanel or zone of clients of PrackHost.


Configuration of domains

In this section you can administer the configuration of a domain in particular.

The configuration of the domain includes the following thing:

  • To establish the e-mail of primary contact for your domain.
  • To qualify notifications by email electronic (for example, when an e-mail in particular is put in group of forty).
  • The option to qualify or to deshabilitar the registry for nonvalid adressees allows or not that the selected domain registers details of the incoming post office directed to incorrect adressees.


Spamexperts configuration of domains



From this option you can publish, to add or to eliminate the routes of mail delivery and to change his order. The name of host or direction IP specified in the route defines the servant of destiny mail to which SpamExperts will resend the e-mail after the filtrate.

NOTE: By defect you must leave the route that already is formed in the system. It is not necessary to add any additional route.

It is possible to have several routes of e-mail. In order to add a new route, you click in the button €œTo add destiny€ and inserts the name of host of the servant, the direction IP that aims at our servant in whom your mail is lodged, port smtp and you click in Keeping.

A domain always must have one route at least so that the filtrate machines send the clean e-mails, therefore, it is not allowed to eliminate the only route in this section, since the new one must be created first and soon it will be allowed to clear the old one.

If there are temporary problems with the first route, the system will automatically try to send the e-mail to second, soon to third and so on. In case there are permanent faults with a route, the e-mails will be placed in the e-mail tail and SpamExperts will not try the following route. Therefore, it is very important that the name of host indicated in the route is solved in correct direction IP.

It is possible to change the order of your routes dragging them and placing them in the correct position of the list.

Also click in the corresponding button next to your route of destiny is possible to execute a test of telnet doing. When realising the test of telnet, you can verify if the email address of the adressee exists in the servant of mail of destiny specified in the chosen route.


Filtrate configuration

Here you will be able to form the filtrate level of the tool. You can qualify or not it group of forty (by defect it is qualified). We recommended to leave to you qualified the group of forty since if you will not receive emails with virus or malware directly in your inbox.

You can determine the threshold of the incoming and salient filter. We recommended to leave them to you as they are in favor of defect (0.9 and 0,3).

Also you can qualify or deshabilitar that one verifies the SPF, DKIM and DMARC of the post office. Of security they must be in favor all qualified.

You can add the key (word) that you wish so that the post office that are doubtful contain that word in the title of the message and thus to be able to classify them or to filter them better in your client of mail.


Configuration SpamExperts filtrate


Statistics of domain

In this menu you can consult the statistics of your domain for a period of specific time (days, weeks, months or years) and establish the dates of beginning and conclusion for the period of chosen time.

The statistics are for:

  • General vision
  • Proportion of Spam (of the total of messages)
  • Legitimate messages
  • Nonsafe messages
  • Blocked messages of Spam
  • Virus blocked
  • Messages in white list
  • Messages in black list


SpamExperts Statistical of the Domain


To report Spam (trained Spam)

This option allows you to report e-mails nonwished and, as result, to train AI (Inteligencia Artificial) of the filter of mail nonwished. You can load an example of e-mail nonwished in format .eml, including headed complete and the additional headed ones of SpamExperts.

You can load any file .eml that you consider Spam, but this e-mail that you never raise happened already through SpamExperts filter, you will receive a warning. But you can ignore it and come with the load from the file .eml.


Trained SpamExperts Spam


To report nonSpam (Spam nontrained)

With this option you can report e-mails nonSpam (ham) for the training of the Spam filter.

You can load an example of e-mail in format .eml, including the complete heads and the additional headed ones of SpamExperts.

Like in the previous case, you can receive an alert communicating to you that email never happened through the filter. You can ignore that message.


Salient mail

Search of registries (logs)

This section is the same that the one of the incoming mail. You will be able search the registries by the filters available.


To generate certificate DKIM

Certificates DKIM are certificates DNS with TXT registries that assure the authenticity our shipments of mail. In order to avoid that your post office arrive at the tray of mail nonwished of the adressee, it is necessary to have a certificate DKIM in the mail.

NOTE: By defect, your account of hosting in cPanel already has formed an entrance DKIM. SpamExperts will use this entrance for the mail shipment, reason why it is not necessary to use this option.

In any case, if you need to create an entrance DKIM for a subdomain for example, from this section you can generate it.

The generation form is to choose the option 2048 bits and to choose a name for the selector, in this case we have chosen €œdefault€. Once generated the certificate, you will have to add it to entrances DNS of cPanel.

We recommended to you that you contact with us if you have some problem related to the DKIMS.


SpamExperts to generate certificate DKIM



By defect the mail file is not activated. You will have to activate it according to we indicated a little more down to you.

All the post office sent and received in your inbox are stored by security during a certain period.

If you eliminate by error some of them, you will be able to recover it from this section.

The maximum limit of storage allowed by domain is of 1Gb. But the post office keep tablets, reason why in each domain it will be possible to be stored thousands of post office in that space. Here it will depend on the size that occupies the attached archives.

In case the capacity of your storage was surpassed, the system will rotate the messages, eliminating first oldest per date of arrival. Also you will receive a warning email when you have surpassed 750Megabyte.


In order to give fulfillment to the law of the new RGPD, the post office they are always stored in our servers, not in external servers. In addition they keep from encriptada form, so that nobody except for you will be able to accede to those e-mails.

You can export the messages filed for a rank of specific date. All the filed post office of this period could be unloaded as individual archives in a file zip.


Search entrants

Search between the incoming post office that they are filed in cloud of mail to be able to unload them.


Search Projections

Search between the salient post office that they are filed in cloud of mail to be able to unload them.


Configuration and Activation of the Filed one

In this section you can define the number of days that you want that the mail is filed. You can define a certain time so that the messages expire certain past time.

VERY IMPORTANT: When selecting the option €œTo expire messages€ and to define the €œnumber of days to store the mail€ and to keep, will activate the filed one of the mail in your account.

If nonactive these 2 options and guards, your e-mail will not be filed in cloud of mail.

Also you can define what attached document types can be indexed in the cloud for future searches. For example archives with associates pdf, docx, text, HTML, images, etc.

The system search allows to even look for text you in attached archives and e within the images (with techniques OCR).


We recommend that nonselections in this option of indexing in the archives doc nor the images if it is not necessary since it implies enough resources of the system and can have nonawaited results when you make a search.


Filed SpamExperts Configuration


Archived mailboxes

In this page you can administer the conditions of the filed one for your domain. By defect all the mail of your domain will be filed, only you can here redefine better the email addresses than they must be filed.

You have the options to file all the adressees, a list of specific adressees, or all the adressees except a list of adressees (for example, a direction of daily registries who you do not need to store).


Spamexperts Archived Mailboxes


Information of Protection

Report of domain under demand

The functionality of report under demand allows to generate a report during a period of defined time and to send it to an account of e-mail chosen as a document HTML or a file pdf.

The report will contain data on the messages Spam and virus detected and the rejected ones temporarily.


SpamExperts report of domain under demand


Periodic report of domain

This option will allow to weekly program the shipment of information of protection to a daily chosen adressee or.


Periodic report of user

This area allows to add, to publish and to eliminate adressees you for the periodic reports.


Restrictions of Mail

Blocked extensions

With the help of this menu, you can specify what e-mails must be blocked based on the extensions of the attached archives of the e-mail.

The present list of blocked extensions contains the extensions that at the moment are blocked for the domain.

If the e-mail contains the type of attached file with the blocked extension, the e-mail also will be blocked and it will be placed in Group of forty.

In order to allow to receive extensions of the list of blocked extensions, it selects the extension and you click in the button €œTo erase the selected thing€.
In order to block a new extension, place it in the field To add new extension and you click in the button €œTo add€.

The additional options include:

  • Released extensions blocked: the e-mail users will not be able to publish messages that contain attached archives with these extensions.
  • Options of restriction: in order to block attached archives protected with password, attached archives potentially not wished and attached archives that they contain feasible hidden.
  • Additional restrictions: limit of size of the connection and maximum defects of extensions PAMPERS.
  • Scanned extensions of the link: if the present Ready option €œof scanned extensions of link€ settles down inside, the connections in the messages to archives with these extensions will scan in search of virus and other malicious programs.


SpamExperts restrictions for associates


Size of attached archives

Of predetermined form, the system uses the size of e-mail established by the servant of destiny mail; nevertheless, in this section you can specify the limits of maximum size of e-mail so that the filtrate system accepts or not the incoming mail. After activating it, you can choose the action that is due to take for the e-mails of great size: to place them in group of forty or to reject them.


SpamExperts Restriction of the size of the mail


White list/Ready black

This section is allowed to add to the white list or black list the email address of the sender or a complete domain.

All the filtrate verifications of wished mail are not deshabilitadas as much for the senders including in the white list as in the black list.

The e-mails sent from the senders of the white list surely will be sent to the folder Inbox of their account of e-mail, whereas the incoming e-mails of the senders who appear in the black list are rejected automatically.

You must consider that these messages will not be put in group of forty, but they will reject with an error code smtp 5xx, reason why legitimate servers smtp of shipment will generate a message of return to the sender.


White list

In order to be able to add to an account of e-mail or a domain to your White List, it sees €œwhite List of sender€ either €œReady white of adressee€ and you click in €œAdding sender of white list€ or €œAdding adressee of white list€, respectively.

The domain in the field enters Direction (specific the specific email address of the local part to the white list) and you click in Keeping.


White ready SpamExperts of sender


Black list

In order to include in the black list an account of e-mail or a domain, it sees black List of sender > you click in €œsending Year of black list€.

3 options:

  • Black list of sender
  • Black list of adressee
  • Black list of salient sender


Black ready SpamExperts of sender


To add Users

To administer e-mail users

In this page you can create and administer e-mail users, connected with your name of domain who can accede to the Spampanel.
Beam click in the button €œTo add€ to add more users to the writing-desk of SpamExperts.

Before the creation of the user, you must make sure that the domain for which is creating the e-mail or exists in the servant and, when forming the password for the user, it must contain at least one uppercase letter or a digit, without spaces and must have 6-25 length characters.

The created users will be able to initiate session in the SpamExperts writing-desk with those data, to administer your specific configurations of mail and to verify your group of forty.

In the page To administer e-mail users they also can do the following thing:

  • To publish the user details (name of user and password).
  • To eliminate the account of e-mail of SpamExperts.
  • As level user superior, they have the capacity to initiate usuary session as in a particular account.
  • To qualify the authentication of two factors for the user.


SpamExperts to handle the mail of the users


To administer permissions

In this section, you administer the permissions of the user for the sections available in the Panel of SpamExperts. Normally it is possible to be acceded to each of them through 4 possible methods HTTP:

  • Method GET is used to see the data.
  • The method POST is used for the creation of new entrances.
  • The method PUTT is used for the modification of existing entrances.
  • Method DELETE is used for the elimination of entrances.

In this page you can control the permissions for the users who you administer.

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