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The 4 better visual publishers for WordPress

WordPress is wonderful. Thanks to him, people who do not have nor computer science idea can have a webpage or a blog.

That was unthinkable not many years ago!

Really, the presence has democratised online. Although it has €œbut€, and is what costs to obtain that has the design that you want.

For that, or you have the necessary knowledge or it is called on to contract to you somebody so that it does it by you.

Or thus it was until a time ago.

Because some ago years appeared the visual maquetadores, some tools with which you can give to your WordPress the appearance which you want almost without effort.

And as so many options exist, there am preparation this post in which I speak to you on the best visual publishers for WordPress which they exist at present.

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To give to your page the aspect that you never want has been so easy.



What contribute to WordPress this type of publishers?

If we summarized it in a word, the great advantage to use visual constructors in WordPress is the possibilities.

In particular, the possibility of creating an own subject for your webpage, that distinguishes you of the rest of competition and it adapts to your needs.

Everything thanks to characteristics as these:

    • Easy to use: its operation consists of €œdragging & dropping€ what you want to incorporate.
    • Zero code: you do not need technical knowledge nor to touch to archives css, php or HTML.
    • Tests A/B: as to modify the subject he is simple, it is easy to make tests to see how you turn more.
    • More functionalities: many tell on addons that they allow to add new resources you.
  • Saving of time: between the simple thing that is to use it and not to depend on third parties, your Web will be ready long before.

And all this doing it you yourself€¦ What can more be asked?

What if we recommended to you, as always, it is that in case of using a publisher of these, you always count on hosting of quality as ours, to guarantee a speed to you of optimal load.


1. Elementor

It has been of the last ones in arriving but it is monopolizing all the compliments. The reason? Everything what offers to cost zero.

Thus it is, with Elementor you have everything what you need to design a webpage (or to maquetar your entrances) without spending nor a Euro.

All this with an incredible facility, documentation very well in Internet and the certainty that he is 100% responsive one.

And in case it is not sufficient, it has a payment version that increases its possibilities still more.

Perhaps although you do not need it, since you can add addons to him of third parties to arrive where the gratuitous version does not arrive.

We are before best page builder for WordPress? It is very probable.



2. Beaver Builder

We now pass to everything a veteran in the land of the visual maquetadores for WordPress.

In Beaver Builder, aside from being able to create your own design, you find a series of interesting tools as:

  • Predesigned groups.
  • Installation of addons.
  • To be able to use it in limitless sites.
  • Shortcodes

To all that, add the light thing to him that is (reason why it does not affect at the speed of load), that is oriented to the SEO and that is compatible with WooCommerce.

As negative point, you must pay to obtain all the functionalities (Although it counts on a gratuitous version limited enough).

Beaver to builder


3. Thrive Architect

One of the best visual publishers for WordPress and that many blogers use to create their pages of sale and pick up of leads.

Because although it is possible to be used to create any type of page, it is clear that its direction is the one to help to increase your number you of subscribers, sales, etc.

And it is not because we say it, but because themes predesigned of landings tells on 262 pages and plugins focused the conversion as:

  • Testimonies
  • Countdown.
  • Personalizables bellboys.
  • And much more.

We go, that if your intention is to make money with your webpage, Thrive Architect causes that he is simpler.

Although I insist, is worth for any type of site.

Thrive Architect


4. Composer line of vision

We arrive at which can more be the installed visual maquetador in WordPress. The reason? He is the one that is including in many of the groups of Themeforest.

And there it is where it is his great advantage: when extended being so it is very easy to find the solution to any problem that appears.

To that adds the following characteristics to him:

  • It is translated the Spanish.
  • Account with predesigned groups.
  • You can add addons to him of third parties.
  • You have updates of by life.

It has some beats? Unfortunately yes. One is a somewhat old tool and in which if you add many elements, the speed of load of your webpage will be affected.

Luckily, it counts on a gratuitous version so you can prove it and always see what so works.


5. Divi Builder

With this visual publisher he passed something very peculiar. At the outset, he was available for the buyers of groups in Elegant Themes and only worked only with his designs.

Now the opposite is right. That is to say, Divi Builder purchases (that are compatible with almost any group) and include the designs and plugins to you of Elegant Themes.

Meaning that in a single payment, you take one of best page to builder much more for WordPress and.

The problem? That all that package is expensive (has a price of 89$ to the year) although if you know clearly that Divi is what you look for, you have the option to pay a single time 249$.

It is an alternative to consider since, in the long run, it supposes a quite interesting saving to you.

You decide on the option that you choose, you must know that in addition you receive:

  • Extended leaves of absence: you can use Divi in so many pages as you want.
  • Updates and support: endless while you are member.
  • Tests A/B: it allows this functionality and thus to know what design works better.

And although it does not count on gratuitous version, in his official page you have one demo online so that you see everything what can do.


Use do you some of these visual publishers for WordPress?

I nothing else do not have to tell you€¦ For me, these are the best visual publishers for WordPress that there is nowadays.

But it is enough of which only I speak, now I want to know your opinion.

What publisher you use? You are to favor or against this type of tools? You know other that is not in the list and that is worth the trouble?

I want to also listen to you and for that, you have the commentaries more down.

I wait for You in them!

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  1. Transformation for PrackHost Esther September 7, 2018 to 2:50 p.m.

    A post brilliant!

    Good comparative of all the pages builders. There is some other visual publisher who is not needed to install as plugin? I am using Themes Generator that allows to raise my group me WordPress without installing plugin and free.

    Thank you very much

    • Transformation for PrackHost to tropicalserver September 7, 2018 to 3:50 p.m.

      Hello Esther, we did not know Themes Generator, we will consider it for future comparative! We do not know no other that does not settle the future as plugin with the exception of Gutenberg which as you know it will come integrated in WordPress. A greeting.

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