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What is WordPress? Guía Definitiva (2019)

The manager of WordPress contents

  • In our guide we showed all the details to you of WordPress.
  • You will know clearly what it allows you to do.
  • We will teach his advantages to you.
  • Also the elements that compose it.
WordPress Guía Definitiva



Definition and why it serves




How it works?







Why to use it instead of to make a Web in another format?


Why to incorporate it to your company?


All dot very well but€¦ What freedom allows you to do?








What is does WordPress and why serve?

In this chapter we will see the basic thing. 

We will speak of his origins.

Also we will give a definition you and we will tell you why it serves WordPress.

Why it serves?

In essence, it is a system of management of contents Web very simple to use.

We can take to end our projects of Internet of accessible and gratuitous form.

It has its origin in 2003. The programmer Matt Mullenweg modified b2/cafelog to adapt it to a personal project.

Next to Mike Little, months later developed the first version than it would be WordPress.

Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little


It is a platform of open code (open source), under GPLv2 license.

This means that developers exist that improvements realise and incorporate different elements.

Thus each user can adapt them to his needs and their own project.

The source code is available for the user who wants to modify it or to adapt it.

For that reason €œfree software€ is called.

This is the essence of WordPress. The possibility of enjoying your own website. But without absolutely limiting to you anything.

At first it was oriented to publish Webs of the type €œblog€. Although at the moment he is open to the publication of any type of webpage.

Open Source Logo

Accounts with great possibilities to personalize the appearance and to enrich your content.

A great fan of additions (themes and of plugins) available exists.

The possibility of personalizing it will be always there and of a simple form. Plugins and themes continuously are developed new.

Plugins is code additions that allow to equip to your Web of extra characteristics.

Some examples would be: a form of contact to respond to your visitors. The product sale, to show the policies of cookies, to renombrar urls to https, etc.

Themes is graphical aspect that will have your Web.

At the end of this post I show more information to you on these additions.


Basic characteristicses of WordPress

It is oriented any person.

Account with the services necessary to take to end your project Web. Of satisfactory form.


It is oriented all those people who want to have a webpage, a store online or its own blog and that does not have understanding at the time of creating it.

It allows to any user the possibility of having a site.

To its taste and in professional conditions.

WordPress security

Nowadays to create a page using WordPress, allows you to enjoy a better positioning in Google.

What it allows to appear you before in the finders.

When a page begins to have certain relevance in Internet and is growing in number of visits, it is more probable that bots and spamers try to use it to make annoying publicity.

They try to contaminate the content of the page and inserting connections or texts nonwished.

Account with the necessary tools that they help to prevent this.

And to maintain remote to this type of undesirable.


He is cms safe

It reunites the aspects necessary to turn it into an initiation tool.

For users who want to occur to know through Internet.

That he is simple in the use, does not clear for anything its depth to him at the time of handling it.

The possibilities that you have with respect to the same, are practically limitless like the advantages.

All this you must verify it of your own hand.

Creating your Web and beginning to write your articles on any type of subject.


How work does WordPress?

In any server XAMPP*.

Any user can use it.

He has an administrative panel so that managements your contents. You raise your texts, photos and videos.

How it works

*Funciona in any Web server with the programming language PHP and a data base MySQL.

The data that you publish are stored in one bbdd that makes the workings of file.

They are when a usuary one visits your Web.

Its handling is very simple.

Any user without technical knowledge can administer his Web without many difficulties.

Easy use

Its easy use, supposes that almost 30% of all the webpages that exist in the network use WordPress!

This data is demolishing and shows the clear ones first, the potential that hoards.

Secondly, the great acceptance that it has in the present community of webmasters.

Dashboard Login Administration

Through a panel of accessible administration safely with an email and a password, you can publish and create your own texts.

To raise your photos of your computer or to connect videos of Youtube of very easy way.

Once in a while updates for addons are published that you use, so that you manage to update easily in a single click.

From the administrator panel (dashboard). Without needing raising no file.


2 alternative versions.

It allows you to create a blog or any Web.

One lodged limited and another limitless free one.

He is available to unload free and in Spanish.

.com differences versus .org

2 ways exist to use it.

One is lowering free of charge the archives including those of installation to be able to raise them a Web server (Apache, for example).

Another one is using the platform cloud (similar to Blogger, Tumblr or LiveJournal) of the own company that develops it (Automattic).

We are going to explain the differences to you that exist between the 2 versions.

.com or .org?

The .com domain is based on commercial product to lodge projects with the following tariffs:

  • Gratuitous (use of a gratuitous subdomain)
  • Personnel by 4$ to the month (own domain including)
  • Premium by 8$ to the month (possibility of including announcements and banners)
  • Business by 25$ to the month (additional possibility of raising themes and plugins to which already they offer) versus

Nevertheless, he is something more than a commercial product.

He is available to unload in numerous languages, including the Spanish. Of totally gratuitous form.

This version needs that he is the user the one that chooses the lodging Web where to lodge it.

It allows a total freedom of installation of additions.

Also the election of a customized name in any recording company.

.org is the official site where you free obtain the package and is in which we will concentrate in this article.


How to install WordPress?

Easy installation through FTP.

Installation in 1 click in our systems.

Nondependency of Automattic nor of its platform. It chooses your hosting and installs it.


As we commented previously, we will concentrate in the version open source of the manager.

It remembers that, unlike the commercial version, the version of you can install it in any lodging. You have total freedom to install it where you want.

In this sense we want to recommend ours to you hosting wordpress. A premium product with characteristics. With backup copies every 2 hours that allow you to install any subject or plugin without limit. That it has the fastest servers of Spain.

In addition, you only install it in a 1 click, from your Control Panel cPanel.

How to install WordPress manually

These steps are applicable to the users who need to install it in any servant:

1. Low the file in Spanish of the Web of

2. .zip decompresses the file that you have unloaded. Until you see the folders and archives that integrate it.

3. It raises by means of a client FTP the archives and folders the directory Web of your lodging. This directory can defer between a supplier and another one. Usually he is €œpublic_html€, €œwww€, etc.

4. He creates a user and data base mysql and authorizes all the leave to him.

5. He writes down the name of bbdd and user who you have created in a paper or a file of the notepad.

6. To accede to the URL with your navigator where you have raised to the archives and folders (https recommended).

7. He follows the passages of the installer. Stuffed the data that request to finish you the basic configuration.

8. The final step will be to visit the link of your installation of WordPress and to begin to administer your site.

Screen of installation


How it is administered?

Access to the administration panel.

Easy administration of content.

Enriched text edition and model-making.

It is hour to add contents!

How to administer it

If you have followed the previous steps.

You will successfully have installed your first project in your servant!

In order to begin to administer your site you will have to visit the following URL: (she by your real domain replaces)

Administrator of WordPress

When entering the call dashboard, or administrative part, you will be options of screen as the following:

Options menu administrator new installation

From the lateral bar you will be able to manage all your project, being able of easy way:

  • To create new posts (entered) in your blog with WordPress
  • To create informative pages
  • To install new subjects
  • To install new plugins
  • To create the different menus from your Web

The contents (entered and pages) can be done through a text editor. Maquetarlos with the different options. As they are bold, cursive, emblems, numerations, images, etc.

Now only it is that you begin to add good contents to your Web WordPress!


Why to use it instead of to make a Web in another format?

He is very simple. Anyone can use it.

He is gratuitous (Open Source)

Low additional costs only if you want to add commercial products.

Why to choose it

The answer is simple: by all the advantages that it has.

In this case, the advantages would be simplicity and the price, since he is gratuitous.

Simplicity allows us to enjoy multiple options of personalisation.

Thanks to this, we will not have to contract computer science or a designer Web.

We are saving money when doing it we ourself.

Reasons to use it

It is not necessary to create nothing from zero. Practically us they give it all fact and we only must find a servant who it support.

In case outside little, totally it is translated the Spanish and it has a documentation very extensive Codex call.

Finally and not less important. In addition to simplicity, it is that because nonproprietor is open code (Open Source), he is totally gratuitous for the end user.

Anyone can unload it of completely gratuitous form.

This is something that cannot be shelp of the majority of programs of creation of webpages, that usually are of payment.

This way, he is much more reasonable for any independent businessman or who is taking the first steps with his business.

Only it already must invest part of his time and it does not suppose any type to him of cost.

This supposes an initial saving that it is really thanked for and is ended up noticing.


Why to incorporate it to your company?

As much for users as for companies.

Infinite possibilities of personalisation.

Business online: Corporative Web and Ecommerce.

Entailments to social networks.

Why to choose it for your company

It is a tool that is oriented so much to the personal approach, as the enterprise one.

Many people use their Web to speak to us of specific questions. Because they like to share them with the community.

They are the case of the Webs type blogs for example of prescriptions of kitchen, trips, or any other type of thematic.

All these thematic ones have common a thing and is that basically, they are worked to share them in Internet.

WordPress in the company

Thanks to his possibilities of personalisation, you can find several tools that will be to you interesting to install in your page.

From calendars, accountants, or any other aspect that have been developed. Reason why we will be able to add it of simple form.

If we want that our business operates through Internet. Evidently we must have presence online.

This will serve so that our clients can know us. They can see what we offer to them. To contact with us.

To get to ask for the purchase of any type of or or service that we have announced.

In this sense, it is important to emphasize that we are not before a platform of sales. But what we do, it is to provide direct information to the users. Facing which they can find us in a certain place.

For example, if we had a Web to announce our cafeteria. It is obvious that we were not going to sell our coffees by Internet. But that we would be looking for that the objective public to whom we go directed pass by our establishment.

But you do not worry. Also it allows you to sell products and to turn it into a store online.

Using plugins adapted.


All dot very well but€¦ What freedom allows you to do?

You know that you are able to develop any website?

It will only depend on you and your imagination.

It is very easy to make that Web that you have in mind.

Freedom to make any Web

At the time of developing a Web, there is no type of limit. Since once you have the necessary knowledge, the only barrier is your imagination.

In this sense, it does not remain absolutely short. Since it arranges numerous themes and plugins so that we can maquetar and design everything to our ill.

Different bellboys, I connect, images, to change colors, bottoms€¦

Total freedom for your project

In order to be able to compare all this, simplest it is to go through the community and to see a few thematic pages of different.

As you will be able to verify by same you, you will see that little it has to do one that is focused to the trips, with other than it has as main subject the reading or the kitchen.

Reason why in this sense, it is possible to be shelp that perfectly they adapt to the needs of each user.

Following with the personalisation and also considering the simplicity with which is thought.

Thanks to the subjects and plugins, we can change our whole page with a stroke of the pen.


Generate to you

If you like the disposition of some of them, because it seems to you interesting how she focuses the different aspects from the page, will be enough with whom you look for a group with a similar aspect.

You work on the same base, adapting it to your tastes and preferences.

It has of thousand subjects premium for WordPress, to change the style easily.

If you want to arrange for example, of a style different at every time from the year.

Or simply because you are tiring to use always the same design, it allows to change the aspect of a fast and simple way.

In our plans you have +700 templates premium free!



In addition to creating a blog, we showed some examples to you of Webs that you could realise.

They exist multitude of themes to adapt to your contents.

Also for the advanced projects more you will have resources.


We have already commented it previously. In spite of which many create, not only it serves to publish a blog of contents.

It is a perfect tool to create a Web of any type.

In the following listing we shelled some to you of the possibilities that you have if you use this platform:


Without a doubt that is the option number 1 to be able to publish a blog. Concerning user everything has it.

Facility of management of publications. Archives per dates, pages of authors, means manager, etc.

Nevertheless, this cms has been evolving.

It has happened to be a system to create blogs to a multidisciplinary system. Where any type of sites has capacity.

We commented some uses to you in the following sections.

Functionality Blog

Corporative websites or of Company

As other managers of content cms (in English content management system), uses languages PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

It keeps your data in data bases related MySQL you can design any Web (for companies) or informative.

It follows the standards of the design modern Web and accessibility.

This includes the facility to develop Webs that are adapted to mobiles (responsive).

Functionalities corporative company

Reserves and Stores Online

With plugins extra that you find in the market which they can be gratuitous and or commercial, you manage to adapt your Web as a portal of product sales.

In order to create stores online.

These systems in line include the option of payments by means of Paypal or credit cards, to put some examples.

The most known all of them and that fit mention here is Woocommerce.

If in addition to wanting to present to you, you have a business and you want to sell products by Internet, with these plugins you will manage to catch clients through Internet so that they buy your products.

Or if you have an inn or a hotel, to cause that your future guests contract the room and reserve their place in your Web.

Functionality stores online


If you are a company of design Web or an artist, they exist numerous addons so that you create galleries of your products.

With very showy presentations.

He is another one of the multiple uses that you find in the network. To show your portfolio of works as letter of presentation for your visitors.

Functionalities Portfolio

Landing Pages

Landings pages or landing pages is unique pages or static pages.

Without extra navigation nor sections. They are created with the intention to attract possible clients towards a certain product.

Usually they are focused Internet addresses of the pick up of leads:

  • Email address.
  • Telephone calls to close some possible sale with the visitor.

They are pure commercial pages very used in digital marketing.

Functionalities landing pages


The communities of users where they meet about concrete to share his ideas.

Although lately they are in disuse due to the appearance of other platforms as the Groups of Facebook.

Numerous options exist to add a forum to your Web. Most well-known it is BBpress.

Functionality Forums



They are the 3 main elements.
We enumerated them to you and we explained a little each to you of them.

These elements will help to add functionalities you to your Web.

The majority of them has license lpg, reason why you will be able to unload them free.


Throughout the article we named the main elements that they complement to WordPress and that helps you to make your unique site.

Usually they store in the folder €œwp-content€. These elements mainly are 3:


Are additions developed by the community.

Commercial or gratuitous to install in your Web and to add extra functionalities to him.

Best plugins usually is gratuitous.

The installation of plugins becomes from the own administration.


They are the graphical archives that show the appearance when somebody visit your Web.

It is where it will appear your logo, your colors, and all the graphical aspect of your site.

This is totally personalizable by you from the administration panel.

Each usually incorporates options to adapt elements as colors, sizes of source, etc.


Widgets is additional modules to add to your site.

They show some compiled information of the global content that already you have introduced.

For example:

Last posts that you have published, any type of menu and connections that you have formed, etc.



Nowadays hundreds of managers of contents exist. All fulfill their function perfectly: The practicidad at the time of publishing and managing contents in a Web.

Nevertheless there is one emphasizes on all of them: WordPress.

It does not mean that he is the best one of all of them, but has become the standard of the industry of the development of Webs to day of today.


By all the explained one in this article, we recommended to you that if you are thinking about making a Web and are doubting if to do it with this cms, you incline by this option by 3 reasons:


  • WordPress is the best option for a nascent one.
  • It behind has the greater community of Internet than it publishes constantly extra.
  • Great amount of tutorial to help to take your first steps you.


Now already accounts with good reasons to use it.

If you have liked this article, we animated to you to that you share it in your social networks.

Or you leave your commentary more down us. Thanks!

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