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How to form an account of e-mail in your iPhone or iPad

Configuration of the e-mail in your iPhone or iPad

Basically two forms exist to form accounts of e-mail in the client €œMail€ of iPhone, iPad or iPod iTouch: automatically or manually.

In our case we are going to create a new account manually. We explained to you how to do it.



1. For it you must go to Adjustments €“ Accounts and passwords €“ To add account.

They will appear to you several options as for example: iCloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook.

You must select to the last option €œAnother one€ as it is possible to be seen in the following capture:


Selection on watch of mail



2. In the section Mail, you do click in €œAdding mail account€.


To add mail account



3. In this screen you must put the following data in the corresponding fields:

  • Name: The name that you want to show the adressee
  • Mail: Your account of e-mail
  • Password: The password that is of discharge in cPanel
  • Description: A unique description to differentiate it from other accounts that you have formed in your iPhone.



To introduce personal data



Probably the mail program automatically does not find the correct configuration of the mail servers. If it did it, you only must click in €œAccepting€.

Otherwise, €œFollowing€ click in introducing your data manually.


4. Screen of Servers

We advise for movable devices to form the accounts of mail as IMAP.

For it we selected option IMAP of the first eyelash:



Introduced personal data



Personal data

These data are those that we introduced in the previous section and they will be again.

Servant Incoming Mail (MGP)

  • Name of host: here you must introduce the name of the servant of incoming mail (in format)
  • Name of user: here you introduce your account of mail to the complete one (in [email protected] format)
  • Password: the password of the mail account

Servant Salient Mail (smtp)

You must introduce the same data that in the previous step: the servant of entrance and projection is the same (In this example)

Finally he beats in €œFollowing€ and he touches in €œKeeping€ if he has formed himself correctly.

Otherwise, Mail will solicit to us that we modify our data. If it gives you some error is that some data is not correct. It repeats the steps again until the verification finishes successfully.


Advanced use: It can be that app of Apple asks to you if you want to use SSL or does not stop the connection. We recommended to you that you use the safe option (the SSL) whenever it is possible.

For it you must install a certificate of security in your domains choosing the option before forming the account of email in your device iOS.


Servers incoming and salient mail



It verifies that the mail correctly is formed

Now it is the moment for seeing if your e-mail works in your device.

It chooses to anyone of your contacts and send a test email to him from your mobile or Ipad!


He sends test email


How we can change the data of the e-mail once we have created it?

If you want to change the data of your account of e-mail in your Apple device, you must follow these steps:

1. It sees Ajustes of your Iphone

2. Accounts and passwords

3. The account chooses that you want to modify

4. It enters account IMAP (it leaves to the other services as Notes or Calendars without changing)

5. It modifies the data that you want and it presses OK.


To change data once counts created mail



It contacts with our support if you need our help in the configuration your mail in your domains that you have with us.

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