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PrestaShop: Guía Definitiva (2019)

1. What is does PrestaShop and why serve?

What is does PrestaShop and why serve?


If you want to expand your business, a good way to do it is through Internet.


To be able to sell through the network, to a great extent increases the number of clients at whom you can arrive.


This is translated as well in an increase of the sales and majors income.


As you can be imagined, to be able to sell through Internet, it is necessary to have a store online where the users can visit to take to end their purchases.

To create your store online is simpler than it seems and all this thanks to PrestaShop.

He is a manager of contents ERP very simple to use and is completely gratuitous (open source). One is a perfect form to be able to begin to sell with our company through Internet.

Without needing having computer science technical knowledge nor to disburse a great amount of money either.


In addition, in spite of his simplicity of handling, we counted on enough options of personalisation thanks to the groups and modules as we see more ahead.

Once we know clearly what is PrestaShop, we are going to deepen a little to see more what it offers to us or how we can use it.



2. How work does PrestaShop?

Computer graphics how PrestaShop works



If you are interested in opening your store online and what you have read until now seems to you interesting, has arrived the moment for seeing how it works to know a little what you would have to do in the case of wanting to incorporate this tool.


First of all, you must know that to use you must it install it in a Web server.


Here it will be where it takes to end all functions. As much facing the public with its visible part (frontoffice), as the private part that will be where you take to end all the managements of your store (backend).


Since we have shelp previously, we can enjoy it without having to spend nor a Euro in it.

Of this form, we can unload it of completely gratuitous way in his last version from the official page.


To install it is very simple, will be enough with following the steps that to you the application indicates and in less than what you imagine you will have your business raised Internet.


This is another one of the advantages: You will be able to handle your store of remote way. This means, that as will be raised Internet, will be enough with acceding to a navigating Web, to go to the direction where we have raised the program and to change everything what we want.


Thus, you can accede to your store from your office, your house, or any device with which we can accede to Internet. You will at any moment have a reporting line with your store, to take to end the actions that you want and to administer it.


Also it offers the possibility of installing it in your own computer, without the need that Web is raised no lodging.

This is quite useful facing beginning to handle to us with the program, since we to this store will only have access and he will serve for being able to take to end all type to us of tests.



3. What offers PrestaShop?

What offers PrestaShop?


If the idea to have an application begins to you to seem interesting that allows you to create stores online completely gratuitous, the moment has arrived for seeing what this platform can offer you.


In order to begin since there are saying, it will count on two completely differentiated sections. One first, that will be where the clients accede and can see the content of the store.

The other, back office that will be the place where we will manage everything and to which we will only be able to accede.


One of the most interesting aspects is the personalisation that allows.

We were before a free code, which means that, with the necessary knowledge, we will be able to personalize it to our taste and needs, turning to our store into something only.


In fact, we can find projects that work with this system and where you would find very many differences among them and where not even you would know to say that they work under the same system.

Nevertheless, although all this can seem something more complicated, it has as an aim doing a simple product, which everybody can enjoy.


For it and thanks to the infinite personalisation that it has, we can use his different groups.


These groups, basically are different elements, that they allow you to form of a fast and simple way, a completely new appearance for our store.

By means of the application of this group, we will be able to be great changes in the part that visit the clients, without needing having to have computer science knowledge to this end.

Thanks to these groups, you can change the modification of the pictures, sections, columns. What is. Once again, adapting it to our tastes or needs according to we created advisable.


Many gratuitous groups exist, but also we have the possibility of doing to us with some of payment (commercial).


Although it is an application since we have seen gratuitous, some companies of design Web sell their own groups to a normally low cost for the quality that offer.

Nevertheless, the gratuitous groups are rather well designed and little they must envy to which they are of payment. This already is as everything perhaps and following your tastes, you find more interesting one than another one, but the possibility of being able to enjoy a great personalisation of gratuitous way, always will be there.


Another one of the aspects that offer to us, is the one of the use of modules. These can be applied to your own store and they offer different characteristics to you based on each.


For example, you can incorporate the tool of Google Analytics to add the statistics of Google without needing leaving the Control Panel.


Once again, we are speaking of more elements differentiators and personalisation that offer a pile to us of variants, with which our page will be different from the one from the others.


4. Why to choose it for your store online?

Why to choose PrestaShop for your store online?


The reasons that we can find facing using it before any other manager for stores online or webpage, are practically the same at the time of using any cms or a normal webpage.


When we are beginning a business, it is necessary to know that the first months of life of the same are going to be hard. It is impossible to know how it is going to us to go, since we do not have experience and everything is new for us.

In this sense, at least money we are spent, better.


It is a simple tool that allows us to have the control on our business of a gratuitous form without paying a license, thanks to the fact that it is open code (open source).


If we want to change some product, to add one new one, to put discounts, to administer the costs.

Really, any change that we want to do within our own store, we go that is to say to do it without no problem.


So simple as if a physical store one was and we simply changed the cartelito with the price of the product, it is going here to be similar.

Of this form, we are saving having to contract a computer science one so that it takes all the management to us. To be able to realise all these changes of a fast and simple form, at any time and from any place, is the most important advantage with respect to other platforms.


Another quite interesting aspect, is the statistics that incorporate and that you can consult through the own application. These statistics are important and necessary in all electronic commerce that it boasts to secure his goal.

They can serve to you to know the degree interaction that has your clients with the products, the sales that have been realised, the categories that sell more, the orders and invoices or to manage the inventories.


Also other interesting aspects as it is the board with notifications where are to us to the messages and opinions of the clients, so that we can manage or interact with them of simple and immediate way.


, If you have thought to open a store online, you would have to throw a look and really to verify by you same everything what can do by you.

With very just a short time that passes in front of the application, you will realize of the simple thing which it is to use and the total control that you will have on the management of the same.


If you have doubts exceed what type of application Web of ecommerce you need, here we showed some very similar others to you, but with some differences that we clarified to you:


4.1 It is better PrestaShop or WordPress?

It is better PrestaShop or WordPress?


2 are cms totally different, the second by itself will not serve to you. You will need in addition some plugin to ecommerce additional.


4.2 It is better PrestaShop or Woocommerce?

It is better PrestaShop or Woocommerce?


If your store is not going to have many articles we recommended to you that you use combination WP + Woocommerce.


4.3 It is better PrestaShop or Joomla?

It is better PrestaShop or Joomla?


The second by itself, does not count on options of product sale. You will need - as we explained you in the previous case of plugin additional that adds the store online to the manager of contents.

One of the used solutions more is Virtuemart.


4.4 It is better than Virtuemart?

It is better Virtuemart or PrestaShop?


PrestaShop is a much more robust system that Virtuemart and is more recommendable. Only if you are going to have few products we recommended to you to use Virtuemart.


4.5 It is better than Magento?

It is better Magento or PrestaShop?


Here surely we are before the 2 more trustworthy solutions as far as commerce online talks about. Both are very complete and count on all the options that you need. They are the 2 solutions more recommended to mount ecommerce.

Of Magento we could say that it is optimized for the search engine optimization but that it does not have the facilities of personalisation of PrestaShop.


Nevertheless, it will need more physical resources as far as servant talks about, requiring one appropriate and powerful one to move your page with ease.


4.6 It is better than Opencart?

It is better PrestaShop or Opencart?


Opencart is also a free software that is easy to also personalize and that it allows to take a control of the very good SEO. Nevertheless, it does not have so many functionalities as the previous ones, although it counts on multistore, it multidescries and multilanguage.



5. Terminology and elements

PrestaShop terminology and elements


5,1 Hook de PrestaShop

Hooks is hooks of code to allow the interaction with events of the system. 2 types of hooks exist:

  • hooks of action (action) (those that allows him, for example, to send an e-mail when a client registers himself in our store).
  • hooks of observation (display) (those that allows him, for example, to show to a module or an image in a certain column).


5,2 PrestaShop Addons

It is the market additional reserve officer without special military training to pitch better your tent. They can be modules, subjects or services, normally commercial, that they will help to remove to him all the party you to your store.

The products published in this marketplace are developed by the own PrestaShop and its community of developer.

Here you will find some modules as:

  • comparators of prices
  • modules SEO or of marketing to improve search engine optimization
  • Paypal or other footbridges of payment
  • discrimination of visits by country
  • rules of expenses of shipment for Spain or other countries
  • election of carriers
  • policy of cookies
  • connectors FTP
  • optimizers mysql

Also the graphical subjects (groups of PrestaShop) of different formats, tastes and colors.


5.3 It multilies down

The multistore option allows to administer several stores you from an only interface of administration.

Imagine to you that you want to mount a product store to each other nonrelated. Or to mount a store multilanguage and to use for it different names from domain.

Thanks to this option you can publish different stores in different domains or subdomains, controlling them all from the same administration Web. And with the same usuary administrator. Of this form the article administration is much more easy being able to manage simultaneously any change:

  • Applying to all stores.
  • To apply only to the stores of the group of stores selected.
  • To apply only to the selected store.


5,4 Smarty

It is powerful and very complete a motor of groups that separates the archives of presentation HTML and CSS of the archives of programming PHP.

The modules for example, are guided according to the landlords of the Smarty motor reason why to the designers it is done to them easier to modify the design of anyone of them.


5,5 Back office

Back is called office to the panel of administration of your store where it accedes with your email and password as administrator and who it allows you to form, to modify and to optimize all the parameters.

Difference of the public part (frontend) that is the part where the client realises his purchases and their payments.


6. What version is better?

What version of PrestaShop is better?

We always recommended to you to use the last version to always have the last added characteristics.

Beam click to unload the last version of PrestaShop 1,7 here from the URL of the official Web. It is the version recommended and good to begin.

We always advised to you to use the last versions and to base your experience on them.


7. Requirements

Although you can install it in the premises since we have spoken previously, you will need hosting Linux specialized to be able to publish it online.


Our company offers lodging to you Web in Spain especially formed to lodge your project, insisting on the speed of load.

You will be able to install PrestaShop in a single click. You can see our pack of hosting here.


Now we would like that you left your commentaries us and you tell us what it seems to you and if you have chosen it as platform of your commerce online.

If you want to share this post we will thank for it to you.

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