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Tutorial of Joomla

Tricks and advice to improve your page developed with Joomla in ours hosting.


What is Joomla?

We spoke to you on one of the managers of more complete contents. Joomla will be used you for almost any project.

To install Joomla! step by step

In this tutorial we showed to you how you can install Joomla! of easy way in ours hosting with our Installer of Applications CMS

To qualify reCAPTCHA in Joomla 3

Pon brake to spammers qualifying the protection captcha of Joomla and Google. It avoids the commentaries or shipments of forms nonauthorized.

To activate urls friendly Joomla

So that urls of the sections better is indexed by Google and Bing, we needed to use key words in them and to qualify urls friendly in Joomla.

LiteSpeed Cache Joomla

With LiteSpeed Cache for Joomla! you will obtain that your website flies. We explained to you how you can install and to form this breaks for Joomla.