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What is Cloudflare CDN?

Cloudflare is a company that provides a network of delivery of optimized content (CDN), distributed in more than 110 Datacenters by everybody. It acts as intermediary (proxy inverse) between the visitors of your website and your servant, to protect and to accelerate your site in Internet. In addition, free!

Advantages of Cloudflare

Acceleration Web

Minificado compression and of archives HTML, CSS and Javascript. Optimization of images for mobiles. Ultracompresión GZIP and use of protocol HTTP/2.


It allows to directly load the static archives of your Web (images, style sheets, etc.) of way optimized from the Datacenter nearer the visitor in time from hosting.

Blockade of Malware

Blockade of bots abusive to protect property rights and to avoid robberies of content, fraudulent payments and robbery of accounts.

Anti Spam

Protection of commentaries of spammers in your site. Detection of bots and fraudulent automatizations of commentaries.

Management DNS

Complete management of registries DNS. When registering a domain in Cloudflare, you will be able you manage individual entrances DNS from his Control Panel.

Saving Bandwidth

Saving of a 60% of bandwidth when serving the heaviest archives from its servers. The traffic of your Web towards Internet through Cloudflare does not have limit.

Anti DDoS

Advanced service of DDoS Protection with Anycast technology. Protection of protocols UDP, ICMP, amplification DNS and attacks of Layer 7.

Way of Offline Navigation

Function that stores in cache a static version of your pages in case your servant falls. This way, the information always will be available.

PrackHost is Partner de Cloudflare

PrackHost is to partner of Cloudflare from year 2013.
We free offer to all our clients the options of CDN and Railgun.

How to install Cloudflare?

Cloudflare icon of cPanel

You can accede to the CDN free and discharge from the hospital your domain in Cloudflare in ours hosting from your Control Panel cPanel in the Software section > Cloudflare and register to you with them without leaving your panel.

Cloudflare cPanel installation

Services that Cloudflare offers

Cloudflare SSL FREE

It allows the communication from and towards your site of encriptada way. 2x qualifies protocol HTTP/2 improving yield of your Web. It generates more confidence and security and it improves the results search of your site.


It protects your page of attacks of injection of SQL, XSS and falsification of request of sites crossed (CSRF) without making no change in your infrastructure. Rules OWASP to size and optimized.

Cloudflare DNS FREE

Updates of registries DNS in milliseconds with a speed of average search of only 12ms. 30 seconds of average of propagation of DNS at world-wide level.

Cloudflare Status FREE

Cloudflare Status is a domain that they qualify to follow in real time the possible incidences in the services that offer. Of individual way we can see the state of all the Datacenters that they have.

Cloudflare's Always Online FREE

Cloudflare stores in cache the pages of your Web and it serves the visitors when it detects that your servant is fallen.  This can remove to us from some hardship although it is a temporary solution.

Cloudflare WordPress FREE

Plugin of Cloudflare for WordPress exists in case you prefer to form your domain from him. Like plugin of cPanel, is simple iframe that it loads the Web of Cloudflare.

Cloudflare Railgun OF PAYMENT

Railgun compresses the objects Web before serving them until in 99,6% by means of the use as techniques similar to the used ones in the compression as videos as high quality. This gives as result an increase average of the additional yield of the 200%. In PrackHost we free offer Cloudflare Railgun to all our clients (value from market 200$ to the month).

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