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Head Cloudflare Railgun

How to activate it

What is Cloudflare Railgun?

Railgun is a technology of optimization Web provided by CloudFlare that enormously accelerates the delivery of webpages nonstored in cache.

Basic the CloudFlare service stores automatically in cache around 65% of the resources of a webpage, but 35% of this content are not frisked because the resources are spawned or they are marked as €œnot storing in cache€.

This 35% usually are the first code HTML that unloading when we visited that Web.

Railgun accelerates this 35% rest when opening a connection by means of a safe tunnel between the network CloudFlare and the servant of origin where the page lodges.

Code HTML of a website does not change of a request the following one generally, reason why instead of transferring all the request between CloudFlare and the servant of origin, Railgun only transfers the changes that have taken place in the code.

This reduces the use of transfer time, bandwidth and time of load of the page generally.

CloudFlare Railgun Computer graphics
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Activation in cPanel
This solution is not included in the gratuitous plan of Cloudflare. From the Business plan use can only be done of the same. The plan Business de Cloudflare has a cost of 200$ to the month by domain€¦

Activation in cPanel

How to activate CloudFlare Railgun in cPanel?

In order to activate CloudFlare RailGun

„¢in cPanel you must before have registered your site in the section of cPanel - Software - CloudFlare.

Once registered your site, you will be able to accede to all the advantages and services that CloudFlare offers, as his gratuitous CDN.

  1. You must consider that you have had to modify the entrance To of the IP of your hosting or already changed nameservers by which it provides CloudFlare.
  2. If you have already registered it and you want to activate the option of RailGun
Cloudflare Railgun Cpanel

„¢, you must follow 2 additional steps:

Cloudflare Optimized Partner

To contact with Support so that it adds your domain to the configuration of the servant where you are lodged.

To accede to the corresponding section and to activate the button of connection of your site. It looks at the following capture: Cloudflare Railgun Partners