What is my IP?

It identifies public direction IP of his connection of Internet in your computer or another connected device.

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Its real direction IP is:

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The information took 0,00020813941955566 seconds in being executed.

Which is my IP is a being gratuitous service of PrackHost where it can know the local IP that their ISP provides to him to connect itself to Internet.

In order to know the deprived IP his connection it will have to open to the properties of network of Windows (Linux or Mac) and in directions ipv4 to review the IP that has assigned to him his to router.

2 types of directions IP exist:

The IP can be a dynamic direction IP if it changes once in a while. On the contrary it is a fixed IP if the same connection in its ADSL or fiber is always used.

If she is client cannot accede to his contents, webpages, mail and servant FTP surely our Firewall will have blocked its IP.

Support goes to the zone of Clients and in the section - To unblock IP will be able to unblock its IP again.