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To register a domain

To register Domain

To register a domain is the first step to register your brand.

It is not necessary to have lodging Web in PrackHost to be able to enjoy our advantages as domain name register.

It discovers the gratuitous services that we offer to our clients. We offer very competitive prices to you in the majorities of the generic domains, as well as the new completions.

Management of DNS

It easily manages the DNS and the contacts your domains from your Control Panel. You will be able to change your nameservers to point them towards the servant that you want.

Private WHOIS

It is a service that allows to see anyone the registrantes data of a domain. Applying the Private WHOIS you will avoid that the data are public and from this form you will receive less Spam in your mail.

Auth Code

If you want to transfer the domain towards another supplier, you will be able to obtain the corresponding authorization code (auth code) without our intervention. We do not introduce ties as other cash registers do.

It finds the perfect domain from 3.95‚¬

With gratuitous private WHOIS!

Ideas for domains

Why it serves a domain?

The purpose of registering domains is in securing to the names and Internet addresses that will make be accessible and locatable your project you.

Whether you want that your business or company has presence in Internet or you want to have your own personal page you will need to register your own domain.

Sites in Internet exist that facilitate subdomains free of charge to you so that your webpage is accessible.

Nevertheless, these names usually have names long, difficult to remember and that they will never be of your property.

At any time you can lose them with the negative consequences that it entails.

In PrackHost we gave your name to you of domain .com, .net, .org, .info, .eu or .es when contracting some of the plans of hosting of annual form.

When having your own name of domain, you could be found easily in Internet.

You will be able to show to your information or the one of your company, your products or your own virtual store.

It is as your physical address in Internet.

These domains are unique and they cannot be repeated, so that each individual or group has an exclusive site to which to be able to always accede when keying its direction in Internet.

Several types of domains exist, following the extensions that use.

  • Generic. Thus, the .com domain usually lodges commercial sites, the .net domain sites of networks, .org organizations, etc.
  • Territorial. Other exist that represent or they are used to show to information or specific groups of a country, as for example: .es for Spain, .us for the United States, .it for Italy, .fr for France, etc.
  • New. The new completions €œonline€, €œhouse€, €œlie down€, etc.

In order to be able to register a domain, before you must verify his availability with our tool of control and see if he is free.

In PrackHost we offer to you more than 50 different extensions guaranteed by the ICANN.

You already have the domain with another recorder? You can use our transference of domains to bring it and to manage it from here.

To the following year it you can also renew with us.