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To transfer a domain

To transfer Domain

He transfers your domains from your present recorder to count on the advantages that already have our clients.

To transfer Domains to PrackHost

If you have your domain contracted with another company you can transfer it towards your account of client in PrackHost to be able to be managed from here. The advantages to have your domain transferred to our system are many:

Centralized management

To have all domains in a single account and to manage them from a single site.

Warnings of Renovations

To receive sufficient alert by email before the domain can be lost by it not to have renewed in time.

Blockade of Domain

To be able to block your domain to avoid undesired transferences.

Private WHOIS Free

Possibility of qualifying our service of gratuitous privacy so that the personal data of your domain are not of public domain.

Change of Nameservers

To be able to publish and to change your NS so that they aim towards the servant that you want. Many companies will not let to you make changes of NS.

Automatic renovation

To renew your domain automatically if therefore you wish it, adding credits in your account.

Prices of Mercado

To benefit from our competitive prices.

Access to AuthCode

To be able to send at any time the code or authorization code to you (EPP) to be able to transfer it to another company if you are not happy with our services. Many companies do not facilitate or introduce ties to send the authorization code so that the client not Marche to another company. We are totally transparent and is the own client the one that can, at any time, for being sent their code without having to call to us nor to ask for the information to us.

Edition of Contacts

Edition of the contacts of domains so that you easily realise the changes that you want and when you wish.

Creation of Nameservers

To be able to add nameservers easily so that your domain acts as servant of names.

Gratuitous transference .es

The transference of domains .es is totally gratuitous. Nevertheless, this extension does not add another year more to the expiration date as it happens with the other extensions.


To receive promotions for economic renovations.

Special price Resellers

The users of the Hosting Reseller have 1‚¬ of discount in all the domains, including transferences and renovations.

To what delays to bring your domains?

Benefit to you from all our advantages and transfer your domain with us today.