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Private WHOIS

It protects the email and the telephone of your domains, FREE

What is the Private WHOIS?

The WHOIS is a public data base to which any person can accede to see the ownership of the domain and also verify if he is free and see the dates of registry and lapsing. 

Numerous gratuitous pages exist that allow to know these data the registrante and therefore can be used by third parties for fraudulent uses: shipments of Spam by email or not wished telephone calls (tele-marketing).

Privacy WHOIS (WHOIS Privacy)

In PrackHost we offer to our clients free to hide the public information of its domains.

Thanks to this option, nobody will be able to see the information of the registrante, avoiding therefore the derived problems show publicly our data.

We will continue having the property of the same but our data could not be consulted by third people. You want to activate it?


Hiring of Private WHOIS

How active the privacy when contracting a domain?

When you are going to register a domain in our site, the system will show several options to you extra that are including free of charge in all our domains: Management of DNS and Protection of YOU GO

It selects in this case the second option to benefit to you from the advantages of the Private WHOIS.


Activation decontamination

How active it or I deactivate if already I have the registered domain?

If you have already registered the domain with us, you must enter the Zone of Clients, to go the section €œMy Domains€, to choose the one that you want to protect/to desproteger and to puncture in the menu of €œAccessories€.

You will have to contract the service of complement of domain, but to price €œ0€.


Frequent questions

He is recommendable to activate the Private WHOIS?

The ICANN forces to that the data are of public domain. When activating the concealment of data we will fulfill the norm but the data of contact reflected publicly will not be really ours and thus we will totally be protected of spammers.

On the other hand the private registry well is not seen by Google. 

It brings about distrust in the finder when not knowing what person or company has behind. It can incur possible penalties. This is necessary to have it in account.

We recommended not to activate it. But or each client can activate it or no. Is your decision.

What price has the activation?

Unlike other cash registers, registro* is totally gratuitous with any, as much the hiring as the future renovations. It is not necessary to have an additional product of hosting.

How work does a domain with Private WHOIS?

When giving it of discharge, the data public will change and no longer will be your real personal data and email address but some will activate generic data of the recorder and the public email will happen to be €œ[email protected]€.

Where sent are the notifications of the administrative contact?

When it is activated, the communications that would be sent to the administrative contact as to title legal proprietor of the domain they are continued resending the same original email that was before activating the protection.

It can activate in all the completions of domains?

*Se can activate in any completion of domain except in the domains .es, .eu, .de, .it, .fr, .be, .pt, .nl, .pro, .me, .mx,, .xxx and .tel

I can deactivate it at any time?

From the Zone of Clients, My Domains and Accessories you will be able to activate or to deactivate the Privacy of Domain of form online in a click.

What data are hidden in the WHOIS?

Once the service has activated hides the registrante, the holder of the administrative contact, the contact of invoicing and the technical contact. The dates of creation and lapsing will not be hidden.

Not yet I know clearly if to protect my domain

If not yet you know clearly if to protect your domain or no, it contacts with our Dpto. Support to ask for our help and we advise to you free.