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Domains IDN

Domains IDN

What are domains IDN?

Internet, from its origins, always has counted with the disadvantage of not being able to offer support to us to be able to register a generic name in which to base some determined project, because the domain name either was registered on the other person or organization.

The market of domains been always has dominated by denominated domainers, individual people or companies that are dedicated to register domains soon to be able to resell them to much more high prices.

For few years, this changed a little, since the ICANN (the world-wide Association that dictates and guards by it rules that govern the registry of names of domains) allowed the use of special characters in the names of domains, not allowed until then.

This has released a little the market of domains being more flexible at the time of registering names in Internet. They are the calls domains IDN or with special characters with punycode.

Thus, before it was not possible to register domains with characters that were not Anglo-Saxon reason why the majority of domains .com either .net or was registered.

Of a time to this part, it is possible to register for our Web or applications .com domains, .net and .es by the same price that €œthe normal€ domains.

If you want to register a domain .com or .net but or it is registered, you can use this formula and verify if the same domain but with special character exists.

Evidently, this system will be viable if the name of I dominate that you look for your Web has some special character.

By special characters we understand the marked letter n and words or with umlaut that does not comprise of code ASCII and which they conform the set of letters of the Español.Así, you could register words as cane, Spain, Jose, Sanchez, etc.

Domains IDN support multilingual characters of other countries, not only of the Spanish, but in this page we are only going away to refer to the characters of the Spanish alphabet.

Considerations to consider when registering a domain IDN

We must consider a very important factor and is that it will not work in all the applications that we used as €œa normal€ domain in the Web servers, for example, the mail:

  • The visits to our page can turns fallen because an Anglo-Saxon visitor will not have in his keyboard letter €œn€ and therefore, will not be able to visit the website because it will not be able to key it and it will only be able to accede to him by the finders or external liaisons.
  • Also you must consider the e-mail will not work to you thus with a domain. It is necessary to see all these cons and if it is worth the trouble to us to register it of this form.

Our advice would be to register this type of domains to make for example a car park of domain on another domain already registered and that will be the main domain. Of this form, we will have an accessible site by everybody and that it will be able to catch visits if somebody keys the name with the special character in the navigator. In addition, you must think that you will not be able to use the mail as we told you before.

For that reason we recommended to you that before registering a domain idn you must see if is going to be useful for your project Web to you.

As far as the technique that makes viable this information, it is the conversion of the Spanish name (or another nonAnglo-Saxon country) of the format utf8 to the format punycode, adding more characters than the ASCII.

If you want to know a little more on the domains idn, it visits faq on domains IDN in which we offer support and more information to you.