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Forms of payment

Head forms of payment

How you can pay your invoices?

Banking transference

Credit card


Accepted methods of payment

We put at the disposal of our clients several forms of payment to facilitate the hiring to them of our services. All our methods of payment safe and are endorsed by companies as Europe VisaMaster CardPaypal, Redsys, Apple and Stripe. When contracting anyone of our services, you will be able to choose between several modalities of payment:

  1. Payment by means of credit card/debit Visa or Masterd Card.
    In this case you will be able to choose to pay the invoices with two different systems with card:
    • Stripe. If you want to automate the payments of your future invoices and renovations, forgetting to you to be pending of the payments. The data of your card are stored safely and encriptada in the servers of Stripe and once you introduce it the first time it is not necessary to again introduce the data in each payment. This option chooses to also pay with Apple Pay.
    • Redsys. Through our footbridge of payment with Redsys and Cajamar, you will be able to pay to the invoices entering the zone of client, choosing the option of Redsys - Cajamar so that we connect to you directly with the bank. In this case any information does not keep on your card and each payment requires the identification in the zone of clients to pay an invoice.
  2. Payment by means of banking transference.
  3. Payment by means of Paypal.
  4. Payment by means of credits. These will help to maintain to the day your invoices you, since they allow you to make the payments and the renovations automatically. For it, you must previously have added credits to your account by means of the three mentioned systems of payment.

In PrackHost we worried about the security of our clients and our site. In order to be able to improve the security of our site and the transactions of our clients we counted on a Certificate of Security with Extended Validation (You extend Validation) that provides to our clients greater confidence and security in the identifications that realises in our system.

This certificate of special security, shows a green bar to you in its navigator indicating to you that this site is safe and that belongs to PrackHost LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY since has meticulously been verified by the spending organization Verisign and its Geotrust branch.

In our site your credit cards nor bank accounts are not stored to data on, the payments always are redirected to the safe page of the bank. In the case of Stripe, the data of the card are encriptados and kept through tokens safe outside our servers.

Right to Return 30 days: If contracts a service of hosting with us and you are not satisfied we give back the invested money to him, without questions.