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Policy of Privacy

Legal warning

General information to give to fulfillment to the Law 34/2002 and LOPD 2018

The data of the holder of this website are:

PrackHost LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY with direction in Alhamar street number 13 3º of Granada.

The data of contact, telephone route in 902 027 or the direction of 369 email admin [AT]

Our registry data, Mercantile Registry of Granada, Registry nº4, in the volume 1042, folio 211, leaf GR22160, inscription 2º and with CIF B18639849.


Table of Prices of products and services
The prices of our plans of lodging and special products come detailed in the card of each product (IVA not including).

Policy of Privacy

In relation to the personal character data facilitated by the USER in the form of registry in, TROPICAL SERVER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY strictly fulfills the effective norm established in Law 15/1999 of Protection of Personal Character data and other legislation that develops it and informs to the CONTRACTOR who the referred data will be including within a file for their automated treatment giving the CONTRACTING consent by means of the acceptance of these general conditions to this treatment.

TROPICAL SERVER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY picks up certain personal data that are introduced by the CONTRACTOR freely in a form in order to be able to contract the different services as well as to answer and to identify requests realised by the CONTRACTOR. For that reason we needed to know who is to know its needs.

TROPICAL SERVER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY informs that it will automatizadamente manage automatizadamente these data for the administration, extension and improvement of his services as well as for technical and commercial aims on offered products and services.

Also, TROPICAL SERVER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY picks up certain data in the area of human resources and the one of distributors and affiliates in order to come to the selection of working and distributing futures from the company and to maintain contact with the same.

In any case, the data gathered and treated by TROPICAL SERVER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY are only the basic ones for the indicated purposes previously.

In order to accede to the website of TROPICAL SERVER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY it is not necessary to contribute any data. Nevertheless, to realise information requests or to realise the request of a concrete service yes it is necessary that the usuary contribution data in the existing forms in the website for the purposes previously described.

The fields in which it appears an asterisk (*) are those that requires an obligatory answer. Of being covered the consequence it does not consist of the impossibility to serve that is tried to contract or the impossibility to send the information request.

Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

The CONTRACTOR who introduces his personal data in the discharge forms will have right plenary session to exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at any time asking for it to admin at sign, or by email postal a:


Alhamar street number 13 3º
18005 Granada

always accompanying to the request a copy by the NIF by the holder by the data.

In any case, TROPICAL SERVER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is committed to cancel the successfully obtained personal data when they have stopped being necessary or pertinent for the purposes by which they were gathered.

The CONTRACTOR is responsible for the veracity of his data, committing himself not to introduce false data and to coming to the rectification from the same if outside necessary.

TROPICAL SERVER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY puts at the disposal of the CONTRACTOR all the means so that it can come to the modification of his data.

It is allowed to realise this modification from the private and safe unique area that it has the CONTRACTOR in and to which accedes by means of the keys obtained with the user registry; for that reason the CONTRACTOR must be especially diligent in the guard and guards of these keys.

The CONTRACTOR shows that when does not introduce its personal data but those of a third party are in favor authorized of this one for their introduction.

The client who contract always must accept our policy of security referring to the security that must keep and respect when contracting our services, as not jeopardizing, due to the installation of certain archives, the security of the other clients and committing themselves to the good use of our systems.