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Image Optimizer, optimizer of images for cPanel

How to optimize any type of image in my lodging Web?

If your personal blog or the Web of your company or your clients uses images (100% we bet to that yes) surely you do not have them optimized and they slow down the load of the same. The images are an element more Web than next to the archives, style sheets Javascript and source code they determine the €œweight€ of your pages.
In PrackHost we offer limitless traffic to you in all the plans and the images do not suppose a problem for us, but they are your optimized images? Surely no.

In what it influences a bad optimization of the images?

  • The first negative and more important factor is than the visitors of your Web will leave it because time of delay is equal to loss of users.
  • The positioning in Google will be more negative than if you had your optimized images. The speed of load of your Web is very present in Google and is one of the factors that help or penalize in their positioning.

How I can optimize my images easily?

Programs for the optimization of images

Several programs exist that help to optimize photos so that the weight in .kb is smaller and therefore take less in loading in your Web. Some of them are gratuitous and they allow you to optimize many images simultaneously, choosing a folder and optimizing it in mass.
The bad thing of these programs is that the optimization you must make it in your computer first and soon raise them hosting. The process is made tedious length mainly and if you update your website regularly.


Radical RIOT Image Optimizer

Radical RIOT Image Optimizer

Plugins to optimize images

Or you are using a WordPress or Joomla or any other manager of contents, exists plugins (commercial or gratuitous) that allows you to directly optimize the images in hosting. The majority even makes the conversion €œto the flight€, facilitating much the work.
But what happens if you only use HTML, or you use some cms that does not have plugins to optimize images? or simply you have a WordPress and a Joomla in your hosting? You have to install several plugins to obtain it? Until now it was thus€¦


EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer for WordPress

The solution everything in one: Image Optimizer

The ideal is to tell on plugin that it optimizes all the images lodged in your hosting of a single time. A system that allows you to optimize all images independent of the fact that system you use to develop your Web.
This plugin does not exist, or it did not exist at least. For that reason we decided to develop it for our clients.

Image Optimizer is plugin for cPanel developed by PrackHost exclusively for its clients who allow you to optimize all the images of your hosting with a single click. This optimizer concerning servant lowers the weight of the images without losing quality nor lowering the resolution.
In addition, you can choose to make a backup copy of your images before optimizing them in case at some time you want to return to recover the original ones. You do not have to install nothing in your Web, you do not have to overload it with plugins more. Now it comes from series as an extra in all our shared lodgings or resellers, Dedicated VPS or Servers.

Image Optimizer cPanel

Image Optimizer cPanel

Types of Images

You can optimize the following types of used graphical elements more:

  • JPG/JPEG. Images used for photos of cover and photos generally that do not need transparency.
  • Png. Photos used for the icons and images with transparency.
  • GIF. Graphical type almost in disuse who allows you to publish animated photos and even with transparency.

With Image Optimizer you can optimize these 3 types of graphical elements in a single click, from your own Control Panel cPanel. You will reduce your images more of a 50% in many cases and you will lose neither quality nor resolution.

Your Web will load a faster 40%, we assured it to you! With this plugin you will as much improve the experience of user in mobiles as in writing-desk and will gain positioning in Google.

You already can use it without limit in your Control Panel cPanel from the option Archives €“ Image Optimizer

To what delays to use it and to optimize all Webs?

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