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How to install a module in Prestashop?

To install a module in PrestaShop

If you are beginning to work with PrestaShop, first of all€¦ congratulations! , it is a really robust and simple system to be able to sell online. One of the best elections than you could do.

Nevertheless, in spite of being very intuitive, always some doubts can be presented. One of most frequent when it begins is: €œI want to install a module in Prestashop, how I do it€

In this tutorial we showed the sufficient thing to take your first steps to you in this system and to respond to this question. We go to it:

What are the modules in PrestaShop?

Each module of your store Web is something that does more specific. A beam in the construction of the development of your business in the sale of your products.

Normally, the modules of PrestaShop allow us to create additional options of visualization. To add a blog, added of security, to show a concrete information. To connect with other services (as different forms of payment to give facility to your buyers in the installment of their invoices) and mainly allow to add additional possibilities you: for example, a system of points for your clients or reviews for your articles.

The modular system obtains that each Prestashop store is specialized and has all the necessary one for your objective client without overloading it with characteristics that do not interest to the buyer.

How to install a module in PrestaShop

At the time of confronting how to raise a module, first it is to see the type who is. We can distinguish two:

  • Of automatic installation of €œ€.
  • Installed of form manual.

If you bought the module in the official store of PrestaShop

If you have bought it of official form in Prestashop addons Spanish Marketplace can easily activate from back office (in the Control Panel of administration) of your store. For it you only must go to the eyelash €œModules and Services€ of the menu of back office and to introduce the data of user registered in the page of Addons de Prestashop.

Fact this, we will see a list of the modules that we have available and a simple button to install to add them to the store. Easier impossible.

To install module Prestashop Marketplace

If you bought the module in another external store or you lowered it of a Web

If on the contrary we have acquired the module in an alternative store or of some other form, the installation process can be something more complex, but nothing that really cannot be left fact with something of persistence.

In order to begin, we needed to be able to unload the module to our computer. Normally the file will come tablet in .zip and can be obtained in the connection of €œunloading€ of the store online where you have acquired it (including the store of €œ€.)

Once we have the file .zip unloaded in our machine, will accede to the menu of back office of Prestashop and again to the eyelash of €œModules and Services €œ.

Once there, we will locate the button €œTo add new module €œ. We will click in him and an eyelash with a button to the right will unfold to us to locate the file. We will puncture and look for in the folder in which one is in our computer to select it finally and to raise it.

Fact this we only have left to click in the other button, the one to install the module and we already can begin to form the new piece of PrestaShop.

To raise external module Prestashop

As you can see, to add a module to our Prestashop store is much more simple and fast than it seems.

How to install a module manually in PrestaShop?

If you want to qualify the module manually and not to use the own installer of the system, you must raise by FTP the folder of the file already decompressed the folder €œyou modulate€ of our PrestaShop.

Another still more easy form without needing using an account FTP, is to use the file manager of cPanel, as which we in our Hosting Prestashop offer, to raise the file still compressed the folder €œyou modulate€ and to decompress it with the right button, like thus:

Installation manual of Prestashop module

Once the module is raised and decompressed, you will have to go to Modules and Services in PrestaShop and the name of the module will appear in the list as available adding in a click.

Types of PrestaShop Modules

There is available infinity of modules of Prestashop that will help to that your store online has better functionalities. Some of these modules are the following:

  • Modules of Analytics and Banners
  • Affiliates
  • Shipments (MRW, DHL, Envialia, SEUR, etc)
  • Footbridges of payment (MINT, Banco Sabadell, Redsys, Contrareembolso, Paypal, etc)
  • Modules for Blogs
  • Modules for Social Networks

That is everything, we hoped that benefits of your store and years new modules. But it remembers, installs only PrestaShop modules that contribute value to you. You do not install modules without sense, because they will cause that your Web slows down.

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