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The Hosting faster PrestaShop of Spain for your store online.
He is perfect to open your new electronic commerce or to improve the PrestaShop store of your present lodging.

Tropis Hosting Prestashop

Fastest and safe!

These are some of the advantages that differentiate to us from the competition:

  • NVMe discs. NVMe is a thought protocol to use discs SSD on PCI Express connections instead of traditional SATA. Very few suppliers offer it. 6 times have a yield superior to traditional discs SSD.
  • LiteSpeed. He is the Web server faster than it exists. It improves the yield of the others (Nginx and Apache).
  • Staging. Surroundings of development in another servant so that you test your and you synchronize them with your store in production.
  • 30 days of guarantee. If you do not like our product, we give back the money to you, without questions.

We are so safe to offer best hosting to you for your virtual store of PrestaShop that we propose to you to talk back your present website in our servers so that you compare the speeds of load and the fluidity of your present hosting and ours.

It discovers the advantages of your next PrestaShop lodging

cPanel + CloudLinux

It manages your store online with the best Control Panel of the market. It reads your e-mail through Webmail. We are partners of cPanel and LiteSpeed.

Facilities of PrestaShop

It installs PrestaShop in 1 click from the Control Panel, receives notifications when new versions are published. It updates your Web of periodic Prestashop and it realises backups.

PrestaShop support

The more qualified Technical Support to resolve all doubts. Help and consultant's office as regards your Prestashop lodging. Help by means of tickets, chat and telephone for your store online. We are expert.

Maxima Speed

It improves the times of load with the high speed NVMe discs next to cachés more effective: Memcached, OpCache and LiteSpeed Cache. It improves the yield of your Prestashop store a 500% times faster.

Service of Security

Anti-virus and firewalls. Protection by means of Modsecurity with proactive measures antihackeo for your Prestashop updated on a daily basis. DDoS prevention.

Backup copies every 2 hours

Backups every 2 hours. We store free for your webpage daily backup copies of the 2 last months. Restaurables by you without our intervention.

Now with discount!

Contract already the lodging Web faster Spanish PrestaShop for stores online from only 119‚¬ to the year.

Comparative: Our servers PrestaShop and the competition 😀

Litespeed benchmark Prestashop

Our lodging Web serves more visits per second, it has one better answer and speed of load and saturates except the servant who the optimized servers of the competition which Apache and Nginx use.
The NMVe discs of high performance improve 6 times the speed of hard disks SSD.


In the following list you can see the characteristics including €œof series€ in all the plans.

Domain Gratuitous + Private WHOIS

LiteSpeed servant Outstanding!

NVMe discs Outstanding!

HTTP/2 Quic Outstanding!

Attention tickets 24/7

Attention to the Telefónica client

Professional support Prestashop Outstanding!

Support for Updates

Prestashop installation in 1click

cPanel + CloudLinux

Autoptimización of images Exclusive!

Certificates SSL free

Image Optimizer Exclusive!


Imunify360 protection Outstanding!

Cleaning hackeos in 1 click Outstanding!



Optional surroundings of Tests

Selector Versions PHP 7

Ls Break, Memcached, Opcache Outstanding!

Copies security every 2 hours Exclusive!

Limitless Subdomains

99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

Cloudflare CDN + Railgun Outstanding!

30 days of return guarantee

The plan of hosting chooses that adapts more



  • Space Web
  • Transferencia*
  • BBDD **
  • Domains to lodge
  • Ram memory
  • Use of CPU
  • Speed disc
  • Inodes ***
  • Accounts of Mail
  • Emails/hour
  • Dedicated IP



  • Space Web 5Gb
  • Limitless Transferencia*
  • BBDD ** 1
  • Domains to lodge 1
  • Ram memory 2Gb
  • Use of CPU 1cpu
  • Speed disc 10Megabyte/s
  • Inodes *** 400.000
  • Accounts of Mail 5
  • Emails/hour 250
  • Dedicated IP No



  • Space Web 10Gb
  • Limitless Transferencia*
  • BBDD ** 2
  • Domains to lodge 2
  • Ram memory 3Gb
  • Use of CPU 2 cpu's
  • Speed disc 20Megabyte/s
  • Inodes *** 500.000
  • Accounts of Mail 10
  • Emails/hour 500
  • Dedicated IP No



  • Space Web 25Gb
  • Limitless Transferencia*
  • BBDD ** 5
  • Domains to lodge 5
  • Ram memory 4Gb
  • Use of CPU 3 cpu's
  • Speed disc 30Megabyte/s
  • Inodes *** 600.000
  • Accounts of Mail 25
  • Emails/hour 750
  • Dedicated IP Yes



  • Space Web 50Gb
  • Limitless Transferencia*
  • BBDD ** 10
  • Domains to lodge 10
  • Ram memory 5Gb
  • Use of CPU 4 cpu's
  • Speed disc 40Megabyte/s
  • Inodes *** 800.000
  • Accounts of Mail 50
  • Emails/hour 1000
  • Dedicated IP Yes

* monthly Traffic.

** Bases of data MySQL MariaDB.

*** Amount of archives and folders in the account.

Elastic Cloud Hosting

You need a plan for Prestashop to size? You do not worry, also we offer it to you. If our shared packages of hosting do not satisfy you, it designs to the letter your own shared plan and lodges it in our Cloud servers.


You can choose the resources that you need for your plan of customized Prestashop: space in disc, monthly transference, additional accounts of email, domains, bbdd, ram, CPU, etc.

Servant VPS PrestaShop

You have a developed store online with PrestaShop and look for an administered own servant that it allows to move it of fast and safe form? If you love your own private servant this one is your solution: Administered VPS PrestaShop

This is what I look for!

For great accounts that require principle security and power. For clients who do not want to be in charge of the technical workings.  Until 120Gb of ram available with limitless escalables resources.

Service of Staging for PrestaShop

It previously realises the updates and changes of your Web in surroundings of tests.

Tests of Speed

You want to verify the speed of load of our webpages of PrestaShop? We showed the 3 results to you of tests of speed different (PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix and Pingdom) from stores with the basic installation.

If you want to verify you yourself the speed of load visits our subdomain of tests.

NOTE: These tests still can be improved with a more optimal configuration of the group but they will help to see the high speed and quality you of our optimized lodging.


Prestashop Gtmetrix


The complete test you can see it here.

Prestashop Pingdom Tools

PageSpeed Insights

Here the test of Google.

Prestashop PageSpeed Insights

Frequent questions

Some of the more common questions and answers on the administration of the product.

Included free is a domain in my lodging?

All our plans include a domain .com, .net free. org, .eu, or .es 1 year. The following years must be phelp as an independent service.

I will have surroundings of tests?

The professional service of staging that we offer allows you to make modifications of your Web in another servant and to synchronize the changes with the Web in production in 1 click. This service has a cost of 5‚¬/mes and it allows you to keep limitless versions from your Web in your safe surroundings of tests.

What level of support you offer for updates of PrestaShop?

We offer support specialized in Prestashop. As much facilities, updates and other problems. The support is including in the price of the plan of Hosting. 

There are discounts when contracting more of a plan?

Yes, if contracts 2 or more plans, you will receive a discount of 10% in each of them.

I can install a Certificate SSL in my Web?

Yes, ours cPanel includes the possibility that you install in all domains and subdomains and for always, a certificate of security Let's gratuitous and autorenovable Encrypt SSL 100% every 3 months. If you have a certificate acquired in another supplier, also you can concern it and use it in our servers.

Be increased my can Plan of PrestaShop by one superior?

Yes, without needing no technical stop, you can change to a more powerful plan at any time. To increase to the benefits and the resources: domain, data base to lodge, etc.

You are in charge of the migration from my present servant yours?

Yes, we were in charge totally of the migration process of your project online with PrestaShop without you have necessity to take part in it. In addition, we give Support you for any type of migration. We are a company with more than 15 years of experience.

Be installed any can module or subject of PrestaShop?

Yes. There is no limitation in the compatibility of the subjects, applications and modules of Prestashop that you can install in hosting.

He is compatible with theme Warehouse of iqit-commerce?

Yes, our servers are compatible with this subject of PrestaShop. You can use all functions without problems.

Be installed can WordPress or Joomla?

Yes, without trouble. If you need for your corporative Web a WordPress or a Joomla, you can install it. You only must consider the number of data bases of each plan. You will need minimum a Prestashop-M plan to have 2 facilities, for example. If you are interested in a Hosting WordPress or a Hosting Joomla, we also have plans specialized for you.

When he is recommendable to use CloudFlare?

If you have a store that receives visits of buyers worldwide and it is not focused the public of a single country, we recommended to you to free activate the option of service CDN of CloudFlare.

Doubts? Questions?

We are here for helping you. If after seeing our plans of Prestashop for your store online you wish more information on our advantages, it contacts with us. You can do calling it us to 902 027 369 €œExtension 2€ or using the following form of contact:
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