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Installer of Softaculous Applications

Installer of Softaculous applications in cPanel

Softaculous is script that enormously facilitates the installation of your website written in PHP (CMS, blogs, forums, stores online) in any compatible servant (cPanel, Plesk, H-Sphere, Directadmin or Interworx).

Just by a few clicks, this installer are in charge to create the user, data base mysql and all others that is necessary for the installation of the surroundings which you wish for your website.

You can install in 1 click more than 400 different applications.

Nevertheless, it can do many more things, as creating backups, migrating different Webs between hosts, to send alert to maintain updated your website and more details than we are going to see next.

It is including of series for any client in all our plans of cloud hosting and in some VPS.

In order to use it you must accede to cPanel of your lodging Web.

Search the section €œSoftware€ and to click in the connection €œSoftaculous Apps Installer€ as it is seen next:


To accede to Softaculous


Next we entered the main screen of the installer:


Carried Softaculous



The Control Panel of Softaculous

Practically all the works will be realised from the Control Panel; you will see one by one the different possibilities that offer to you and maintaining the leader of the mouse on each icon it will show the name to you of each option.


Tools ST


Home of left to right, first he is very simple, it is only tried to return to cPanel.

The second option has enough more interest already for being to see in action we give them of the different applications to install:


We give ST


The following icon allows to see the valuations you that other users have done of the different applications.


Valuations ST


And in addition, to send our own valuation:


Valuations WordPress Softaculous


Another option of use frequents is the €œListing of Facilities€, that provides much information to you respect scripts that you have already installed in your hosting.

In addition it allows to realise another series of action on each of them:


Listing of Facilities


After puncturing in the icon it shows the main screen to you of this option from where you will be able to clone, to publish, to update, to erase, etc.


Script of Facilities


In the first column you will observe two sections, one by each CMS installed in your Web hosting, in this Joomla case! and WordPress. (You can install more than 400 applications including also PrestaShop, Drupal, Moodle, etc.)

And in each section a line by each existing one.

The second column is a direct access to the administration, which allows a fast access you without needing introducing the user and password.

These data already appear in the installer in the option €œTo publish Details€ that we will see immediately.

In the third column you will observe the date, and in fourth, the version.

If you saw an icon with two you shoot with an arrow blue after the version number (as one sees in the previous image), it would indicate to you that updates exist pending to realise.


The fifth column corresponds to the different options and that of left to right are the following:

  • to clone
  • backup or backup copy
  • to eliminate cms
  • to publish details


Options ST


To clone a Web with Softaculous

From this option any CMS to another domain or another directory of our election within ours can be cloned hosting.

This is especially useful if you have developed Web-soles and you want it to use to create an amount of similar or equal Webs.


To clone Web


The process is very simple and consists to select the protocol of connection between the following options:

  • The name of the domain, is main of your hosting or other that you have activated in your cPanel.
  • The directory to that you wish to clone the installation if it comes, but you will leave it in target.
  • And finally the name that you wish to grant to the new data base of the cloning.


To clone Web WordPress Softaculous


Finally you click in the button €œClones Installation€ to complete the cloning.


To create backup fast

From you can here create a backup copy of your webpages of fast form.

Option very recommended to generate backups!


Backup with Softaculous


Backup WordPress


Backup Joomla


To eliminate installation

This option eliminates and desinstala any script that appears in the relation of facilities.

User of the data base will be able to be selected the desinstalación of the directory (to select to erase the folder completely), to be eliminated data base (to select to erase the data base) and to be eliminated (to select to also erase the user).


To eliminate installation


To eliminate WordPress installation


To publish an installation

From this option you will be able to realise many changes in the configuration to adapt it to your needs in addition to obtaining more data about her.


To publish application


Each is divided in three groups

  • Details of the Installation (Installation Details)
  • Account of Administrator
  • To install Subject (Install Theme)


We will take as example a WordPress.

When we installed script, a CMS, etc. with Softaculous, we beed not worried to create passwords, users and BBDD. But all this information can be seen from this option in case we needed it at another moment.

  • We can select the decontamination of the notifications, activate the automatic updates of the system, CMS, plugins and themes (groups).
  • Also it is allowed us to modify the configuration of backups and also to deactivate them if they become by another means.


To publish installation


Here also it allows to change the data of access admin of the CMS, that, yes necessary one you to introduce the user:


To publish installation admin


Finally you can install some of the 650 free themes existing for WordPress. Shortly also gratuitous groups for Joomla will exist!


To publish installation themes


Listings of tasks

One is simple log or listed about tasks carried out with the installer and who can be useful to verify the finalized tasks as well as those that are about to do.

List tasks


To publish Preferences

In this option one changes to the language and the hour zone.

To publish preferences


Backup copies and Restoration

Another very useful section of this installer. Here you will be able to manage the backup copies that you have realised with Softaculous.

Backups ST


All the backup copies available will appear and you will be able to unload them, to recover them and to eliminate them:

Backups and Restore

Backups and Restore2


The copies here available will be those that previously have been made from the Listed option €œof Facilities€ and that explained in the previous paragraph €œTo create backup fast€.


Preferences of mail

In this option you will activate all those alert that you wish arrive to you by email at the mail account which you will indicate on the matter:

Preferences Mail ST


  • Options of alert:
  • Alert of installation
  • To eliminate facilities
  • Emails de Backups
  • Emails de Restauraciones
  • Emails de Clonación

Also you can deshabilitarlas totally if they do not interest to you. To synchronize Automatically with other installers.

When not having a second active installer, this option does not have any function that we can apply.


To install script or CMS: WordPress

First it is to select of the left menu lateral the application or CMS that you wish to install:


To install app ST


Next a screen similar to the following one will appear, where you will click in the button €œInstall Now€ to begin:


To install app2 ST


Immediately afterwards you will see the configuration screen:


To install app3 ST


You must introduce the connection protocol, the name of your domain (if you have more than one you select it of the drop-down one) and finally the directory who you wish.

It is important to mention that the directory is regarding the domain and cannot exist.

For example, to install in it writes €œdirectory€.

In order to install in it lets the empty field.

Later it fills up the fields of Name and Description of the Site and if you want to qualify the option of Multisite de WordPress:


To install app4 ST


Next you can modify the name of the user and the password, although the system offers some to you random data that you can maintain if you wish it.

Finally the mail for the notifications or alert and your language.

Next you will see the section €œSelect Plugin (s) Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer)€ that is optional (the Firewall of our servers already is in charge to protect logins).


Options Outposts (Advanced Options)

We can use the predetermined values related to the name and area code of the BBDD.

Here we can activate three important options:

  1. Upgrade car €“ It allows to update your CMS automatically when there is a new version available.
  2. Car Upgrade Plugins €“ It allows to update plugins automatically if you have the first activated option and exist installed new versions of plugins.
  3. Car Upgrade Themes €“ It allows to update the groups or themes automatically if the first option is activated and exist installed new versions of themes.

We will leave the following three options of Backup LocationAutomated backups and Backup Rotation with the predetermined values that the installer shows.


To install app5 ST


Finally you can select, by means of the last option, some of than 650 themes gratuitous the more available and once verified all the options you will click in the button €œTo install€ to conclude the installation of your CMS.

If you had some difficulty with the car installer contacts with us by means of a support ticket.


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