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He learns to handle our Control Panel

Tutorial of cPanel

It learns to manage your account of hosting of easy way and removes all the party to all the services with which accounts.
We explained to you how to make the majority of the operations in cPanel.


The best tutorial to handle to your lodging Web of PrackHost.

To park a Domain

The parked domains, allow to add names of extra domain in your account of main lodging.


Advanced program to make a very complete pursuit of the visits to our Web. We will have the most important statistics.

To create Subdominio

How to create a subdomain in ours hosting to differentiate contents. It is an area code that we will use in our domain.

Additional domain

The additional domains allow us to lodge extra domains in addition to the main account of hosting.

Installer of Softaculous Applications

He installs and he updates in 1 click the manager of contents of you want. Joomla, WordPress, Prestashop, Moodle, Drupal, MODx, etc.

To protect Folders

It protects the folders of your hosting of accesses nonauthorized through a user and an impossible password of hackear.


Tutorial to handle the panel for the remarketers of hostings. How to create accounts, packages with customized characteristics, etc.

To concern data base phpMyAdmin

How you can concern a file .sql in your data bases of cPanel with the gratuitous tool phpMyAdmin

To authenticate the mail

With this utility of cPanel, we made sure that the adressee will receive our post office without problems because they will go authenticated.

Webmail mail

Application to read and to write post office from any computer through navigator without program of additional mail.

To create mail account

We explained to you how to create an account of mail of e-mail in the panel of the lodging.

To eliminate Post office

We showed a very fast way to you to eliminate e-mails in mass easily if you want to release space in your account.

Antispam filters

Filters so that the e-mail that we wish is rejected as accepted Spam that is as legitimate.

Certificates Let's Encrypt

Gratuitous certificates SSL for all domains and subdomains. We explained to you how to install them from your panel.


R1Soft Backup

We explained to you how to recover data of your Web of up to 2 months thanks to the gratuitous service of backup copies that we offer.

JetBackup backup copies

It learns to recover your backup copies by same you with these simple steps. All the options of JetBackup.


You can answer of automated form which sends an e-mail to you for example, when you go away of vacation.

To create Data base

The data bases MySQL allow to store to a great amount of information and data. They are necessary for the majority of cms.

To create account FTP

The FTP allows to raise, to lower, to replace or to modify the archives us of our lodging according to our needs.

To enter cPanel

The entrance to the Control Panel is realised through the data that you receive by email when it register the lodging.

To improve load Web

Advice for the optimization of the load of your Web. The speed is very important for the positioning.


In order to resend your e-mails to external accounts of mail. Forms and advice for its use.

Cron tasks

Cronjobs is commandos who you can execute of programmed form to execute the tasks that you wish and with the frequency that you need.