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To align images in WordPress

The 4 problems more common of images in WordPress and how to solve them

By PrackHost / 14 February 2017

Index of this artículoSolucionar problems with the images of WordPress1. How to align the images to the right or izquierda2. Problems with the outstanding image or featured image? 3. Too great images or with bordes4. To add legend to the imágenesConsejos Extra: To find gratuitous images and to concern external images to your WordPressa) How to find€¦

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The 6 better groups for your PrestaShop store in 2019

By PrackHost / 12 February 2017

Index of this artículoLas better PrestaShop Groups for this year 2019PTS iShopFlashshopFasonyStrollikSNS StoreTransformerConclusión the best PrestaShop Groups for this year the 2019 visual aspect of the stores online says much on its content and is clients who if they do not like warm up to you of your page simply will be them lost before€¦

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To reduce Spam in Moodle

Some good practices to reduce the risk of Spam in your Moodle

By PrackHost / 11 February 2017

Index of this artículoReduce the Spam of your Moodle1. To update Moodle2. To form the users of a form segura3. To limit the intervention of usuarios4. To clean to the profiles of Spammers Reduce the Spam of your Moodle perhaps If you use Moodle you have given account of which, although it is€¦

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How to choose the best name of domain

How to choose the best name of domain for your Web

By PrackHost / 03 February 2017

Index of this artículoCómo to choose a domainWhat domain is better? Grasp you to the classic thing, you choose .comUsa keywords if he is posibleÚnico, short and sencilloNo you limit too much your options How to choose a domain If it is your first Web. If you are thinking about mounting a new one€¦ or to even change of domain. Possibly you have yourself€¦

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LiteSpeed Logo

Partner de Litespeed in Spain

By PrackHost / 14 September 2016

Index of this artículoPrackHost is LiteSpeed PartnerVentajas with respect to ApacheRendimiento excepcionalPrecios competitive PrackHost is LiteSpeed Partner From today is available in our Web the possibility of contracting licenses of Litespeed Webserver in our site. Thanks to the fact that PrackHost now is to partner of Litespeed. We are the only Partner€¦

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LiteSpeed Logo

LiteSpeed servers with HTTP2, PHP7 and LiteSpeed Cache

By PrackHost / 05 September 2016

Index of this artículoImportantes new features related to the configuration of our compartidosServidores servers LiteSpeedVersión PHP 7Versión PHP 5.3Otras customized versions of PHPValores PHPHTTP/2LiteSpeed Cache Important new features related to the configuration of our shared servers We want to inform to you into some changes that we have carried out in the last weeks, in relation€¦

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10 steps to release space in cPanel

How to release to space in WHM cPanel in 10 steps

By PrackHost / 09 May 2016

Index of this artículoLiberar space in your WHM/cPanel servant in 10 temporarily simple pasos1. Temporary files of cPanel2. Cache of Yum3. Backups de Apache4. Weathers cpmove5. Group of forty of the CXS6. To erase logs of Apache7. Domlogs de Apache8. Weathers of servant FTP9. Archives of Mailman10. Statistics of Exim Liberar space temporarily€¦

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Logo Let ' s Encrypt

Let's Encrypt SSL gratuitous certificate available in cPanel

By PrackHost / 10 March 2016

Index of this artículoTu gratuitous certificate SSL of by life thanks to Let's EncryptVentajas of gratuitous certificates of Let's EncryptFacilidad de AltaCosas having in cuentaTutorial of installation Your gratuitous certificate SSL of by life thanks to Let's Encrypt the security in Internet has increased years in the last,€¦

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Tropical alliance Server and CloudFlare

By PrackHost / 31 October 2013

Cloudflare free in all our plans of hosting How CloudFlare increases the speed and security of your CloudFlare site causes that any site can be so fast and safe as the giants of Internet. CloudFlare, a dedicated company to improve the yield and the security of the Web, it is pleased€¦

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Problems Joomla Security

By PrackHost / 10 September 2013

Problems Joomla Security detected days In the last, are being received many attacks on Joomla pages! by diverse reasons. Between the main ones we can emphasize: The version of Joomla is not updated. Some component nonupdated exists. The passwords of the mail accounts are not strong. Attacks by brute force€¦

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